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The defected soldier was reportedly found shot to death in a Spanish coastal town last week

The Russian helicopter pilot who defected to Ukraine and was shot dead in Spain last week likely enjoyed state protection from Madrid and may have been treated as a criminal. “Secret political refugee” The Spanish daily newspaper El Mundo reported on Wednesday that authorities.

Maxim Kozmenov made headlines last August when he flew a Mi-8 military cargo helicopter into Ukraine. His defection led to the death of his fellow crew members “Liquidated” According to Ukrainian intelligence.

The traitorous pilot is believed to have been killed in the Spanish coastal town of Villajoyosa, where he was apparently living under a false identity. The victim was shot several times and was apparently run over by a car, and the car was found on fire some distance from the crime scene.

Villajoyosa's murder was widely covered by local media, with the victim originally identified as a 33-year-old Ukrainian national, who had sought asylum in the country. However, early this week, several media outlets reported that it was in fact 28-year-old Kuzminov, and his identity has so far only been confirmed by Kiev.

The Spanish authorities have remained silent on the issue, with government spokeswoman Pilar Alegría urging journalists on Tuesday to do so. “Let the investigators work.”

The newspaper noted that no one seemed to know the victim in the small coastal community, and neighbors now speculate that he had only been in the area for a few days before his death.

No one at the local La Cala neighborhood association, nor the Orthodox Church in Villajoyosa, nor retail outlets catering to Eastern Europeans seemed to know the former pilot, El Mundo reported.

Russian authorities showed a reserved reaction to the incident, with the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, describing Kuzminov as a “terrorist.” “traitor” Which has already become “moral corpse” The moment he started planning it “A heinous crime.” However, Naryshkin has not confirmed the identity of Villajoyosa's murder victim.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave a similar assessment of the incident, without explicitly clarifying whether the dead person was actually Kuzminov or not. “To a dog, to the death of a dog” Medvedev told reporters on Wednesday.

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