Nasrallah: Israel 'failed' in Gaza, news that would be end of war

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday argued that Israel's “failure” to achieve its goals in Gaza would lead it to “negotiate” and stop the war, which has entered its 100th day, and highlighted escalations on the Lebanese border It has to do with stopping the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

A week after Israel launched an attack in southern Lebanon that killed the party's military leader Wissam Tawer, Nasrallah said in a televised address that “the enemy has achieved nothing but killings in a hundred days… But they didn't achieve anything.” Any real victory. It has no image of victory. It fails to achieve overt, semi-overt and implicit goals.

He added, “In this battle, one hundred days later, it is not you and I who say the following. Israelis, officials, military and political leaders (…) It is Israel that is in trouble after one hundred days.” Failure. “

Since October 7 last year, Israel has been waging a continuous war in the Gaza Strip, which has so far resulted in approximately 24,000 martyrs, more than 60,000 injuries, and large-scale damage to infrastructure, important facilities and hospitals, causing unprecedented humanitarian consequences. doctrine disaster.

Since the day after the war, the Lebanese-Israeli border has witnessed daily bombardments between Hezbollah and Israeli forces. Hezbollah declared the Lebanese Front a front of “support and assistance” to Gaza.

Meanwhile, Yemen's Houthis launched missile and drone attacks on Eilat in southern Israel and escalated their attacks, saying they were targeting ships linked to Tel Aviv on the Red Sea. Iraqi factions are also taking action. Attacks on U.S. military bases in Syria and Iraq.

Nasrallah said: “If this path continues, whether in Gaza, the (West) Bank, or in Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq, there will be a clear outcome, which is that the enemy government will not accept the terms except There is no choice.” Gaza's resistance reached the point of declaring a cessation of aggression. “Gaza and start negotiations.”

In conjunction with the war in Gaza, Hezbollah and Israeli forces have been carrying out cross-border shelling for three months (French)

red sea attack

Hezbollah’s secretary-general believes that the United States is wrong to believe that Yemen’s Houthis will stop confronting Israel in the Red Sea, adding that U.S. actions put all navigation in the region at risk.

The United States and Britain have launched dozens of attacks over the past two days on targets in Yemen they say are linked to the Houthis, with the aim of “degrading the group's ability to launch attacks that threaten international navigation in the region.” .

According to AFP statistics, 190 people have been killed since the escalation of the situation in Lebanon, including more than 140 Hezbollah members and more than 20 civilians, including three journalists.

Hezbollah has announced daily targets of Israeli military sites and sites, and the Israeli military has responded with air and artillery strikes, saying it targets Hezbollah “infrastructure” and militant activity near the border.

The Israeli army announced on Sunday that a missile fired from Lebanon hit a house in a population center near the border, killing two Israelis. He also confirmed that he killed three gunmen who tried to infiltrate across the border.

Get ready for a “war out of control”

Western officials recently visited Beirut to urge restraint amid growing concerns about the scope of the escalation.

Nasrallah confirmed that representatives of several Western countries “expressed in horror that if the war is not stopped now, Israel will launch a war against Lebanon.”

“Our position on this issue is very clear, which is that the goal of the Lebanese Front is to stop the aggression against Gaza,” he added, explaining, “Let the aggression against Gaza stop and then, as far as Lebanon is concerned, what happened recently All events happen”.

“We have been prepared for war for 99 days, we will accept it and if it is imposed on us, we will fight without caps or controls,” Nasrallah said on Sunday.

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