News of Israeli police forcefully dispersing demonstration calling for an end to war in Tel Aviv

Israeli police dispersed demonstrators on Tuesday night, arresting some and blocking a protest in Tel Aviv calling for an end to the war. Gaza Strip.

Police attacked demonstrators holding banners demanding an end to the “massacre” in Gaza, as they put it.

Al Jazeera reporters reported that Israeli police had cordoned off the protest site, which demonstrators had previously announced on social media.

Haaretz reported that Israeli police in Tel Aviv forcibly broke up the demonstration and confiscated the banners, claiming they “offended public sensibilities.”

On January 16, 2024, police broke up a rally of Israeli anti-war and anti-government demonstrators in Tel Aviv as clashes between Israel and the militant Hamas group in Gaza continued.  (Photo by Ahmed Gharabri/AFP)
Demonstrators holding a banner saying “Stop the genocide of people” are then attacked by Israeli police (French)

Stop demonstrations in Haifa

On a related note, Israeli police announced that they “will not allow the organization of a demonstration against the Gaza war scheduled for Saturday night in Haifa (north),” the Israeli website “Wala” reported.

In a statement, police blamed the refusal on protest organizers' “inability to control the identity of demonstrators and participants,” which could have caused what they described as “serious disorder,” according to the same source.

The Haifa branch of the “Democratic Front for Peace and Equality” party (a left-wing Arab/Jewish alliance) and the Israeli movement announced their intention to organize demonstrations in Haifa calling for “a ceasefire and an end to the exchange of fire.” According to Walla's website, the agreement includes all one for all (all Palestinian prisoners for Israeli detainees in Gaza) and an end to political persecution.

Israel's calls for an end to Gaza's war, which has lasted more than 100 days, have escalated in the past few weeks but has still not achieved its stated goal of wiping out the Islamic resistance movement.agitation) and the return of Israeli detainees still in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army has been waging a devastating war against Gaza since October 7 last year, which has so far resulted in 24,285 martyrs and 61,154 injuries, and resulted in the displacement of more than 85% of the Gaza Strip's population (approximately 1.9 million people). In addition to the massive infrastructure damage, there are also health facilities, vital facilities and hospitals.

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