News of the war between Russia and Ukraine: Zelensky announces the new defense minister; Putin and Erdogan prepare for grain talks

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov arrives for a press conference in Kiev in October 2022. (Zhenya Savelov/AFP/Getty Images)

The Ukrainian leader said President Volodymyr Zelensky would replace Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov because the ministry needed “new approaches” with the military and the public. Rustam Omirov, head of the country’s main privatization fund, will replace Reznikov after a year and a half into the war in a shake-up that has been brewing for months. Zelensky He said He expects the Verkhovna Rada, which must approve the move, to support his decision.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is due to meet his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the Russian city of Sochi on Monday for discussions that could be key to reviving the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which Moscow abandoned last July in a blow to global food security. . Turkish officials expressed cautious optimism ahead of the talks, saying the agreement was “essential for the whole world.” According to the Turkish state-owned Anadolu Agency.

Here’s the latest news about the war and its rippling effects around the world.

Romania’s Defense Ministry has denied allegations that Russian drones entered its territory during an attack on Ukraine. This denial came shortly after the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolenko books And Russia announced, on Facebook, on Monday that Russian drones had landed in Romania, which is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Umarov, a former member of parliament who participated in the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, will replace Reznikov as defense minister. If the Verkhovna Rada approves this step this week. The reshuffle comes amid a broader anti-corruption campaign, as Zelensky’s government seeks to crack down on graft and convince foreign donors that their money will not be wasted for wrongdoing. Reznikov is not personally accused of corruption, but his ministry has faced accusations of graft, including buying food for the country’s armed forces at inflated prices.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said the investigation found no evidence that his country shipped weapons to Russia last year, though he will not publish the report., according to Information “classified” between directories. Robin Brigetti, the US ambassador to South Africa, told reporters in May that South Africans had loaded weapons onto a ship called the Lady R outside Cape Town.

A Russian Mi-8 helicopter pilot who defected in late August has been identified Like 28-year-old Maxim Kuzminov, the Main Intelligence Directorate in Kiev He said Sunday. The intelligence agency said Kuzminov, who said he rejected Russia’s actions in Ukraine, also called on other Russian pilots to follow suit.

The German Navy will host joint exercises this month with forces from 14 NATO countries, including future member Sweden. The 3,200 soldiers will train off the coasts of Latvia and Estonia of the German Navy. He said in a New release. Admiral Stefan Heish said in the announcement that this would be the first time that a “realistic scenario has been exercised within the framework of coalition defence”. The participating countries are Italy, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, the United States and Germany.

Russian attacks killed at least five people in Ukraine over the weekendincluding three in Donetskone in Kherson And one in Sumy, according to local authorities. One of the attacks destroyed the home of an elderly couple, with the 84-year-old husband dying under the rubble and his 85-year-old wife injured, the Donetsk Prosecutor’s Office reported. He said on telegram.

Ukraine expects an increase in production of various Ukrainian UAVs in the fallReznikov, the outgoing defense minister, said in press statements: interview With the state news agency Ukrinform. Reznikov added that Kiev may start using the F-16 fighter jets in the spring of next year.

Russia is trying to recruit citizens of neighboring countries, including Armenia and Kazakhstan, to fight in Ukraine. UK Ministry of Defense said. Ministry He said Online ads offer 495,000 rubles ($5,140) in down payments, adding that hiring foreign nationals allows the Kremlin to “obtain additional staff for its war effort in the face of mounting losses.”

Zelensky said he had discussed the issue of the grain corridor and security in Odessa with French President Emmanuel Macron, without Provide more details And on what France can do to help the grain initiative.

The war in Ukraine halted adoptions. Now some of the orphans are stuck in limbo: Wendy and Leo van Asten first met “M and M” — a brother and sister from eastern Ukraine — when the children stayed at the couple’s home near Madison, Wisconsin, for four weeks at the end of 2018, as part of a networking program. Ukrainian orphans and adopted children of American families. They said the bond with the children was instant.

The couple immediately began the adoption process, and have maintained contact with M and M – whom they call by their initials out of affection and to protect their identity. But after nearly five years, it’s unclear whether or not the couple will get their wish, David L. Stern reported.

Ukrainian officials halted international adoptions until the end of the war. Many Western officials and analysts say the fighting could drag on for years, a prospect that fills families like the Van Atens with despair.

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