Not giving billions of dollars to Kiev would be ‘historic mistake’ – CIA chief — RT World News

William Burns told the US Senate that allocating more aid could enable Ukraine to launch a new counterattack next year.

The United States stands at 'A very important crossroads' Regarding continued funding of Ukraine's war effort against Russia, according to CIA Director William Burns.

The intelligence chief told the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday that with the White House request for more than $60 billion in additional aid to Kiev stalled in the US House of Representatives, events could go in two tracks.

In one scenario, lawmakers could release the funds and allow the funds to be returned “A real possibility of consolidating Ukraine's strategic success and Ukraine's strategic loss.” Russia, he claimed, citing the CIA assessment.

“With additional assistance, Ukraine can maintain its presence on the front lines until 2024,” he added. Burns said. This money will allow Kiev to conduct more “Deep strikes in Crimea” And continuing to target the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In early 2025 “Could regain the offensive initiative.” And start reclaiming the land.

The other scenario leads to 'A darker future' Burns warned that Ukraine would lose more battles, such as the battle of the town of Avdiivka in Donbas. Ukrainian forces had controlled the heavily fortified site within Donetsk strike range since 2014, but Russia liberated the site in mid-February. The CIA chief said he was told during his visit to Kiev earlier this year that the Ukrainians “Run out of ammunition” They were forced to retreat.

Without aid, Ukraine faces “More Avdivacs” In 2024, leading to “It might be important” He said loss of territory. Burns added: “It seems to me that this would be a huge and historic mistake for the United States.”

He claimed that Russia's goal was “subjugate” Ukraine, while the United States wanted to be “A strong, independent, sovereign state” Entrenched in Western institutions.

Moscow's stated goals in the conflict are to ensure Ukraine's military neutrality, limit the influence of ultranationalists on Kiev's politics, and stop discrimination against ethnic Russians. It views the current government as a pawn of the United States and its allies, who are using Ukraine to contain and harm Russia. Ukrainian soldiers are sacrificed “Cannon fodder” Russian officials said this was for Western interests.

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