‘One Piece’ Hype Grows as Manga Adaptation Releases on Netflix – Deadline

Exclusive: Less than 24 hours have passed since then one piece It debuted on Netflix, but the hype surrounding the series was already rather strong.

The 10-episode series launched on the streamer on Thursday, and to celebrate, Netflix held fan events in 10 cities around the world that attracted thousands of Straw Hat Pirates. The action begins in Los Angeles on August 24 and has traveled across the seas (like Monkey D. Luffy himself) to reach Paris, Tokyo, Milan, Bangkok, and more.

These events are just one part of a large-scale campaign launched by Netflix to support the manga adaptation, which is expected to be very popular.

As expected in 2023, the streamer is also relying heavily on social media to engage the fanbase during the launch and throughout the show’s first weekend. In addition to its social media assets, Netflix has also partnered with influencers around the world to connect with existing people one piece Fans in addition to engaging new fans in the project.

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It definitely pays off. Before the series debuted, Netflix hosted a live TikTok countdown that had 1 million viewers in nine countries. Those who followed the live broadcast were surprised by the first five minutes of the series on TikTok.

As a result, the series also trended organically on X, formerly known as Twitter, in the UK, Brazil, Thailand, France, Spain and the US. It has also been popular on Reddit. Above all, one piece It received a 94% audience rating from over 2,500 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes within hours of its release on Netflix.

Of course, the real test will come next week when Netflix releases viewership data for one pieceWeekend premiere. For context, one of my favorite Netflix TV shows of late, Wednesday, It boasted 341.23 million hours watched in its first week in November 2022. That would translate to about 43 million views (hours watched divided by total running time), which is how Netflix now reports its audience data.

even if one piece It doesn’t beat WednesdayIt still has a lot of wiggle room to be considered a success. Stranger Things 4 The first volume generated around 286 million watch hours in its premiere week, which is much less Wednesday But it’s still a huge total for any Netflix property. Only time will tell where one piece It may fall.

Based on Japan’s best-selling manga series in history by Eiichiro Oda, one piece It is a sprawling tale of adventure on the high seas centered around Monkey D. Luffy, an enthusiastic young man whose only ambition is to become the Pirate King. one piece It is the name of the manga series and the legendary treasure that Luffy hopes to find in order to become the Pirate King.

one piece Created in partnership with Shueisha and produced by Tomorrow Studios and Netflix. Matt Owens and Stephen Maeda are writers, executive producers, and directors. Ichiro Oda, Marty Adelstein, and Becky Clements are also executive producers.

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