Opinion that Mossad’s sleeping cells have awakened


Since the outbreak of the Gaza War, two important announcements in December shocked public opinion: The US Wall Street Journal stated that Israel is planning to assassinate Hamas members living outside Palestine.

Additionally; Shin Bet director Ronan Barr said in a recording on Israeli state television Can that “Israel is determined to kill Hamas leaders around the world, including in Qatar, Turkey and Lebanon, even if it takes years.”

Türkiye's response to Mossad

Following these statements, Saleh al-Arouri, one of the leaders of Hamas, was assassinated and martyred in Beirut. The Turkish National Intelligence Service (MIT) was very dissatisfied with the statements of Mossad and the Shin Bet and expressed this dissatisfaction to the Israeli intelligence services, saying that “if any action is taken, the consequences will be dire.” Turkish President El Dogan said. A public speech: “If they dare to make such a mistake, they will pay a very heavy price.”

Israeli agents and Islamic State group arrested in Türkiye

After Israel’s statement in December, Turkey’s National Intelligence Service (M?T) paid more attention to the organizations it tracked on the spot, and monitored two of the organizations associated with ISIS and their movements, and prepared to carry out operations at the end of the year Ali Ah Ali Abdullah Al-Jundi is in charge of ISIS's Sarqa Brigade, which operates in Aleppo.

It was revealed that the soldier planned to attack a Turkish military base, and 32 “Islamic State” members were also arrested in Turkey. According to records, these people were preparing to launch attacks on synagogues, churches and the Iraqi Embassy in Turkey. Even if these men are not arrested; there could be large-scale explosions early in the year, such as those in Kerman, Iran, and Baghdad, Iraq.

Turkey’s National Intelligence Service (MıT) monitored the movements of sleeper cells working for Mossad in eight Turkish cities and took action against them. A total of 34 people of different nationalities were arrested. Of those referred to court, 15 were arrested, 8 were deported and 11 were conditionally released.

Interesting results

I am following developments closely and speaking with multiple security officials. If Israeli sleeper cells in Turkey become active, it means that groups in other countries are also awakening, and assassinations similar to Aruri's are expected to occur in other countries. Killed in Lebanon.

When I researched the subject of people arrested on charges of spying for Israel, an interesting result emerged; Turkish intelligence has long been concerned about Mossad's working methods and methods and says it has dismantled it. This is why Mossad cannot do any work in Türkiye.

Most of the arrested people are foreigners. Israel communicates with these people through social networks, job search websites, the Internet, etc. Most of these people are guests of foreign hotels and luxury restaurants. They have penetrated into Turkey from abroad. Secretly bordering Syria and Iraq.

This method was chosen to avoid falling into the Turkish security network, and also to determine that these people were collecting on-site information, obtaining data, monitoring, and collecting visual materials. It is known that this was serious work in the previous stage.

The presence of devout men wearing turbans and beards among the detainees has caused great consternation in Turkey. Interrogations revealed that some of them did not know they were working for Israel, but they were working for money.

Exploiting the country and reducing support for Palestine

Israel is very concerned about global support for Palestine and may try to break this support by awakening its dormant organizations, such as those in Turkey, to engage in actions and provocations. The period of silence – organizing bomb attacks in Iran and Iraq and preparing operations in Turkey is very remarkable, because we should not forget that this group is the most vulnerable to infiltration by foreign intelligence services.

Remember what ISIS has done to tarnish the image of Muslims, and how foreign military bases were established in Iraq and Syria as a result. If we think about the violent demonstrations in support of Palestine in Europe, no one can guarantee that proxy organizations such as these will be affected. The Islamic State or the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) will not operate in European cities. Staying vigilant benefits everyone.

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