Opposition Tunisian Salvation Front boycotts local elections

she declared National Salvation Front The opposition is Tunisia Boycott local elections scheduled for next month.

“Tunisians are not interested at all in these elections and there is a lack of transparency,” Ahmed Naguib Chebi, the front’s leader, told a news conference on Monday.

Chabi explained: “Tunisians are not involved in the president’s political program Keith SaidHe noted that indicators suggest participation rates “will be weaker” this time compared with the low rates at the last election.

Notably, the front, including opposition factions, boycotted parliamentary elections and a referendum on the country’s new constitution in 2022.

This is what happened afterwards special measures On July 25, 2021, President Kais Saied announced the dissolution of the previous democratically elected parliament and the elected Supreme Judicial Council, and the dissolution of the previous government. He subsequently promulgated a new constitution and changed the political system from parliamentary to presidential. Enjoy broad powers.

Local elections involve regions and regional councils, which are the second chamber of parliament.

It is worth noting that a few months ago, several leaders of the National Salvation Front were arrested on charges of conspiring to endanger national security and other charges related to terrorism, financial corruption and incitement to the authorities.

The Front denies the accusations and considers them fabricated and political. It also accused President Kais Saied of putting pressure on the judiciary.

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