Optimism on Ukraine conflict was ‘premature’ or ‘delusional’

Reports indicate that Western speculation that Kiev was on the verge of victory had given way to “desperation and hedging.”

Reports indicate that the prevailing mood among Western supporters of Ukraine has shifted from optimism and hope to optimism “Anxious and unattached” Last year, as Russian forces made battlefield gains and doubts grew about continued US aid to Kiev.

The shift in behavior was evident when Ukraine's leaders and donors gathered at the Munich Security Conference over the weekend. The New York Times reported on Monday. Attendees were evaluated “Confrontations they did not expect” When they held the same event in February 2023.

“The harshness of the public mood contrasts sharply with just a year ago, when many of the same participants — intelligence chiefs, diplomats, oligarchs and analysts — believed Russia might be on the verge of strategic defeat in Ukraine.” The newspaper said. “There has been talk of how many months it might take to get the Russians back to the borders that existed before their invasion on February 24, 2022.”

This optimism now appears to be premature at best, and somewhat illusory at worst.

This year's Munich meeting came as Russian forces were liberating Avdiivka, a key Donbas stronghold that Ukrainian forces had used for nearly a decade to bomb residential areas in nearby Donetsk. Against the backdrop of this hard-won victory, the Western media spoke out anxiety About reports of an anti-satellite nuclear weapon allegedly being developed by Russia.

Concerns are growing about Russian President Vladimir Putin's ability to do so “Responding to his enemies” The New York Times reported that fears that Washington, the largest supplier of weapons and money to Ukraine, may abandon its European allies. Republicans in the US House of Representatives have so far refused to approve President Joe Biden's request for additional aid worth $60 billion for Ukraine. Biden's potential opponent in this year's presidential election, Donald Trump, has called for ending the conflict by forcing Ukraine to the negotiating table.

“Barely an hour passed at the Munich Security Conference that the conversation did not turn to the question of whether Congress would fail to find a way to fund new weapons for Ukraine and, if so, how long the Ukrainians could hold out.” The New York Times reported. Although Donald Trump's name is rarely mentioned, he is likely to carry out his threats to withdraw from NATO. . . He commented on a large portion of the dialogue.

There was little discussion about what Western governments could do, given what they had already imposed “Almost all penalties are available” The outlet said in Russia. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba expressed his regret that Kiev's Western allies cannot produce weapons fast enough. “We will pay with our lives throughout 2024 to give your defense industries enough time to ramp up production.”

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