Pakistan Human Rights Council condemns opposition’s destruction of free press on internet as they launch election campaign

The Human Rights Council of Pakistan has condemned the disruption caused by the opposition campaign to internet and social media services across the country. He described it as a “violation of international law”.

“In the context of elections, all political parties must enjoy the fundamental right to freedom of expression. It is the responsibility of the government of Pakistan to uphold fundamental rights,” the committee said on the X platform.

Internet services and social media were disrupted across Pakistan on Sunday as the jailed former prime minister's party made preparations Omran Khan A massive online campaign has been launched ahead of elections scheduled for next month.

Khan and most of his party leaders had their nominations rejected.insaf movement“For the election scheduled for February 8.

Khan, who has been imprisoned since August last year, confirmed that the army had been working with the family that had ruled Pakistan for years to suppress his popular movement and prevent him from participating in elections.

His party was expected to launch a massive domestic and international fundraising campaign on Sunday night during which it would lay out its plans, but internet services were cut in the afternoon.

Netblocks, a group that monitors cybersecurity and internet governance, said: “What is happening is similar to previous shutdowns of social media sites, all of which were carried out during opposition rallies or speeches by opposition leader Imran Khan.”

NetBlocks director Alp Tucker said the internet outage affected network providers across the country.

Challenge activities

Khan, 71, was ousted last year amid a dispute with Pakistan's powerful military leaders, who supported his rise to power in 2018.

After turning into the opposition, Khan launched an unprecedented rebellion against the military establishment that had directly ruled the country for much of its history.

Khan has accused military leaders of colluding with the United States to oust him through a vote of no-confidence and plotting an assassination attempt against him.

His party came under a harsh crackdown following riots following his arrest last May, resulting in its leaders being jailed or forced to quit the party.

Supreme Court set to issue exclusionary ruling this week Nawaz Sharif After serving as prime minister for three times, he is about to hold a lifetime election. Sharif returned from exile earlier this year to launch a political campaign that he could win if allowed to run.

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