Palestinian factions: Occupation forces' plan to govern Gaza a 'failed plot' | News

Palestinian factions say the Israeli occupation plans to establish political and administrative structures in the name of civilians for administration Gaza StripIt will fail in the face of the determination and resistance of the Palestinian people, and underlining the failure of the aggression allowed the occupying forces to foresee the outcome of the war by claiming to establish a civilian authority in the Gaza Strip under its control.

This was a statement issued yesterday evening (Saturday) by the “Follow-up Committee of National and Islamic Forces”, which includes most Palestinian factions, led by the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) and sports Islamic Jihadandpopular front for the liberation of palestineanddemocratic front.

The factions add that the purpose of the occupation is, through this approach, to impose a reality in Gaza that is governed by and subject to it, in the name of civil or tribal administration, and to establish local civil or tribal institutions as the purported Managing the sector's occupation “will not be possible”.

In a statement issued by the Hamas movement, the factions confirmed that Israel is still pursuing “its plans, old and new, to liquidate the Palestinian cause and replace our people, but this plan will fail and fail”, considering that any action to address these proposals is “A national betrayal that no one will accept.”

Since the war in the Gaza Strip began, Israeli officials have been talking about managing the Strip post-war and what they call a “post-Hamas” phase. Hebrew media reported that Israeli disagreements on the issue continued, while the movement and various Palestinian factions responded that the management of Gaza was a private Palestinian matter.

At the same time, the confrontation between the occupying forces and the Palestinian resistance movement in Gaza continues. The aggression against the Gaza Strip has continued for the 93rd day, leaving nearly 30,000 people dead or missing and 58,166 injured. Residents were displaced. Residential buildings, important facilities and hospitals in the Gaza Strip were extensively damaged.

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