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A top US general said Congress should approve additional funds to keep weapons flowing to Kiev

Pentagon spokesman, Major General Patrick Ryder, said that the US government has exhausted its funds allocated for military assistance to Ukraine, indicating that Washington simply… “I have no money” Unless lawmakers approve a new aid package.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday instructionsRyder explained that while the Pentagon is authorized to spend another $4.2 billion on weapons for Ukraine, the actual money is not available and must be set aside by Congress.

“We have the authority to spend that [$4.2 billion] “We will not have the ability to replenish inventories by withdrawing funds – or withdrawing things from our inventory.” The spokesman added “We're out of money.”

This admission came after Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba told CNN correspondent Christian Amanpour that his country had no relationship. “Plan B” Without US military assistance, and repeated demands for new combat drones, long-range missiles and air defense capabilities, among other equipment.

Kuleba also pointed to growing political divisions regarding Ukraine within the United States, where a group of Republican critics have blocked the passage of additional aid funds while demanding sweeping immigration reforms. Although the party has backed dozens of separate aid packages in the wake of the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict in 2022, some GOP members have resented American largesse in recent months, creating a growing partisan divide on the issue.

While President Joe Biden urged lawmakers to pass a massive aid package that includes about $61 billion for Kiev, Congress remained deadlocked for weeks amid Republican opposition, although independent Senator Kyrsten Sinema said lawmakers “Closure” On a deal.

However, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller told reporters on Thursday that he expects U.S. aid to decline in the future, expressing hope that it will eventually help Ukraine. “Building its own military industrial base so it can finance, build and acquire munitions itself.”

The United States has authorized nearly $45 billion in direct military aid to Ukraine since the conflict with Russia escalated in early 2022, in addition to other indirect military, financial, and humanitarian aid. Moscow has repeatedly condemned Western arms shipments to Kiev, saying they would only prolong the fighting and do little to deter its military goals.

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