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Warsaw says its support for Kiev will continue, but it will not deploy troops in the country

Polish Defense Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamisz said Warsaw would not send troops to Ukraine, but was ready to continue helping Kiev through other means.

The minister was asked about the possibility of NATO deploying troops in Ukraine while speaking to TVN24 on Thursday. While Kociniak-Kamysh avoided speaking on behalf of the entire US-led bloc, he did say so “The Polish army will not be in Ukraine.”

We will help and will continue to support. We are offering more equipment donations. There's a lot to it.” The Minister stated.

Warsaw also supports and participates in all joint NATO initiatives, such as providing intelligence and training to Ukrainian forces, Kociniak-Kamysh said. The Minister also described Poland as… “Leader with Germany” Subordinate “Coalition” To supply Kiev with tanks and other armored vehicles.

Kiev's constant support is beneficial to Poland itself, and Warsaw sees it as support “investment,” He is Don.

“All these initiatives are aimed at making Poland safe. Helping the Ukrainian army is an investment in Poland’s security.” It is to explain.

Poland was once one of Ukraine's biggest supporters in the ongoing conflict with Russia, lavishing military aid on the country and urging other Western countries to follow suit. But in recent months, relations appear to have become cooler, largely due to Poland's internal economic problems and ongoing protests by local farmers, harmed by the influx of cheap Ukrainian agricultural products.

The minister's comments come amid a continuing wave of denials by NATO members that they have any plans to deploy combat forces in Ukraine, sparked by a statement made by French President Emmanuel Macron in late February. At the time, Macron told the West “Can't be ruled out” The possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine, which has faced a backlash from most members of the US-led bloc.

However, this response appears to have left Macron unshaken, with the French president making increasingly aggressive statements and insisting that Western Europeans… “He will have to live up to history and the courage it requires.”

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