Qassam delays release of second batch of prisoners until occupation forces comply with news


Izdin al-Qassam Brigades say they have decided Delay the release of a second batch of Israeli prisoners until the occupiers comply with the terms of the agreement.

She noted that the release of the second batch of prisoners was contingent on the occupation forces committing to bringing relief trucks into northern Gaza.

She had previously been accused of islamic resistance movement (Hamas) accuses the Israeli occupation of violating the armistice and failing to comply with standards for releasing prisoners, warning that this would put the entire agreement at risk.

The prisoner release process, which began yesterday on Friday, was due to resume today, with the occupying forces expected to release 42 women and children prisoners in exchange for the release of 14 Israeli prisoners by Hamas.

Al Jazeera journalists quoted resistance groups as saying that the occupying forces did not comply with seniority standards for the release of female and child prisoners yesterday and did not adhere to the same standards today, noting that there were some obstacles in the process of releasing prisoners today.

The reporter explained that negotiations between Israel and Hamas are still ongoing through mediators.

Occupying forces reject celebrations

Al Jazeera correspondents said the occupying power was dissatisfied with what happened yesterday during the release of female and child prisoners in the town of Betouniya, as celebrations accompanied the arrival of the prisoners as well as support and cheers for the resistance movement.

The occupation described the celebrations as unprecedented and, as the occupation authorities put it, rejected them “due to the sensitivity of the situation.”

Al Jazeera reporters said that Israel sent a message to the resistance that the released prisoners would not be released from Ofer prison but from the city of Jericho, but the resistance refused to release.

The occupation will therefore likely spread out the sites where Palestinian prisoners are handed over at several checkpoints. bank of the west To avoid repeating yesterday’s celebration scene.

Resistance groups say any obstruction in today’s release agreement will be held accountable by the occupying power, journalists said.

There were fears that the occupation would hit the town of Betunia and prevent people from celebrating and supporting the resistance movement, and in the city Jerusalem Al Jazeera correspondents reported that the occupation authorities warned the families of prisoners released from Jerusalem not to celebrate, fly Palestinian flags or show any signs of celebration.

She said many relatives of inmates were kicked out of the homes where relatives had gathered to receive them.

Occupying forces today raided the neighborhood of the home of a freed female prisoner in the city of Jerusalem and warned her family not to raise the Palestinian flag over their house, journalists said.

She explained that despite the occupying forces’ decision to prevent the celebrations, the families of the Jerusalem prisoners had unanimously agreed not to hold them due to the situation in the Gaza Strip.

confused with numbers

In the same context, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Ramallah pointed out that there is confusion about the number of prisoners to be released, as it turned out that a child prisoner on the Israeli list was released days before the end of his imprisonment. punishment, so fewer people were released.

Journalists report that there has been no official announcement that the Israeli prisoners have been handed over to the Red Cross Gaza StripThe agreement stipulates that Palestinian prisoners will be released four hours after they are transferred to the Red Cross and received by Israeli authorities across the border between Israel and Egypt.

Journalists said that despite some obstacles, both sides did not rule out implementing the agreement today.

extension of armistice

Al Jazeera reporters revealed that more than one country has held high-level discussions and negotiations on the armistice agreement and prisoner-of-war exchange agreement to extend the armistice agreement.

The reporter explained that the data showed that the two sides were close to reaching an agreement to extend the armistice and increase the number of people released by the resistance and occupation forces.

On a related note, Hebrew newspaper Haaretz reported that a Qatari delegation arrived in Israel today to push forward the agreement to release prisoners and ensure that the overall framework agreed so far is implemented.

The newspaper quoted a Qatari diplomat as saying, “Part of the Qatari team’s mission is to ensure that the agreement continues to progress smoothly and to discuss more details about the current agreement.”

Reuters quoted Qatari officials as saying they had coordinated with Israeli officials to ensure the truce continued and detainees were released without hindrance.

Reuters quoted an Egyptian official as saying that Egypt had received “positive signs” about extending the ceasefire in Gaza for a day or two.

It is worth noting that the occupying forces yesterday released 39 Palestinian prisoners and children in exchange for the release of 13 Israeli women and children, some of whom hold dual citizenship.

The ceasefire between Hamas and Israel came into effect yesterday Friday, with the humanitarian truce including the release of 50 Israeli prisoners from Gaza in exchange for the release of 150 Palestinians from Israeli prisons and the entry of hundreds of trucks full of humanitarian aid. Provide rescue, medical and fuel assistance to all areas of the Gaza Strip.

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