Qatar: 39 Palestinian prisoners to be released tonight, while Israel releases 13 prisoners News


Qatar’s Foreign Ministry announced that 39 Palestinian prisoners will be released tonight in exchange for 13 Israelis under the armistice agreement between the two countries. This is the second batch of exchange agreements. Hamas Israel was brokered by Doha and supported by Cairo and Washington.

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid Ansari said 39 Palestinians would be released tonight in exchange for the release of 13 Israelis held by the Gaza resistance movement.

He explained that the 39 Palestinians were: 33 children and 6 women. In exchange for 8 Israeli children and 5 women detained in Gaza, as well as 7 foreigners outside the framework of the agreement.

The spokesman added that after delays in the release of prisoners, “obstacles were overcome through communications between Qatar and Egypt.”

“We once again thank our mediation partners Egypt and the United States for their efforts to overcome obstacles to the implementation of the agreement,” Ansari said.

Hamas, for its part, said it “appreciates the efforts of Egypt and Qatar throughout the day to ensure that the interim truce agreement continues.”

The movement has previously said Israel was violating the truce and said it would delay the release of the second batch of prisoners until the terms of the deal were fully complied with.

Work hard to close the deal

CNN cited people familiar with the matter as saying that Qatar joined the United States and Egypt in applying pressure to complete the hostage deal.

“The United States is working with Qatar, Egypt and Israel to enforce the hostage agreement,” a senior U.S. government official said.

The U.S. website Axios quoted people familiar with the matter as saying, “Qatar has made great contributions in resolving this crisis and ensuring the completion of the implementation of the temporary armistice agreement.”

Notably, a temporary truce agreement between Israel and Hamas came into effect on Friday, calling for a four-day ceasefire and the release of 50 Israeli women and children held in Gaza in exchange for the release of 150 people held in Gaza. Palestinian women and children. Israel.

The armistice agreement came after Israel’s aggression against Gaza lasted 48 days and resulted in the deaths of some 15,000 Palestinian martyrs, mostly women and children.

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