Ragnarok jumbo air stations review

the Ragnarok Live Jumbo Air Stations They are some of the best and largest air plants that you can buy online at an affordable price. Available in single, double, triple and five packs, these funky plants provide great value for your money if you buy them in multiples. Botanically known as Tillandsia xerographicaThis air plant has sprawling, silvery-green leaves, which start broad at the base and narrow when they curve outward. This is the kind of plant that makes a statement wherever you place it, and is especially attractive when hung.

Finding some of the larger varieties like these can be challenging. Many air plants in stores or online are only an inch or two wide, which is nice, sure, but they don’t fill up as much space as you’d like. However, it measures just 9 inches wide, making it perfect for placing on top of your favorite decorative bowl or in a hanging basket. If you don’t yet know about the magic of air plants, this $30 hit on Amazon is worth a second look.

These air plants thrive in almost any condition, can fit in even the swankiest pots or canisters, and require less maintenance than any other houseplant.

Admittedly, I was obsessed with air plants from the moment I saw them. They have no roots and do not need soil to thrive. I’ve bought air plants online and at specialty stores for years, so I was excited to find these huge items on Amazon.

But what led me straight to Ragnarok stations live air It was one of my growers for whom I could never find the right houseplant. Uniquely rounded in appearance, its shallow depth seemed more decorative than functional. When I searched online for the largest Tillandsia xerographica I managed to fit the unusual shape of the planter, I found these. I ordered one to start with, and when it turned out nice and big, I put it in my hanging planter, and it fit like a glove. Since then, I’ve ordered these three more times – and this time multiple times – for myself and my friends.


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Are you wondering where these plants are placed or how they are generally taken care of? Air plants are found in warm regions such as the tropics or even parts of Florida. They even have a reputation for being a bit invasive in hotter climates. The best way to grow them in alternate climates is as an indoor plant with indirect light. You can also put them on a deck or patio in the warmer months, though you’ll need to keep them out of direct, bright sunlight and will need to bring them back inside during cooler nights and seasons. It’s best to put your epiphyte in a shallow pool of water about once a week for watering, as it will suck it up voraciously. Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle to spray it regularly (daily or every other day) with water.

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First, larger air plants are hard to find. There are a lot of small air plants on the market, but it may take some time for you to get to this size. And if you find large plants, they tend to go up in price.

This is a great deal because you can get each plant in bulk for about $10. You may not think that you need three to five plants, but air plants are easy to find a place because they grow where other plants can’t. If space or budget is limited, it pays to buy a bundle with a friend and split it up.

I put air plants in the bathroom, on high shelves and in cool decorative pots that aren’t easy to use with regular plants. There are many great uses for air plants, and they can easily transform an ordinary, empty space into something interesting and cheerful.

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