Rishik told Al Jazeera: Details of the upcoming armistice agreement between Gaza and Qatar will be announced

The leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement said:agitation) Izzat Al-Rishq said that the movement is “closer to announcing an armistice agreement with Israel in the coming hours”, considering that the agreement will be acceptable to the resistance movement.

Rishik explained that details of the truce will be announced in the coming hours, explaining that “the brothers in Qatar will announce the details of the truce.”

“There is delay on the part of Israel, particularly Netanyahu, in completing the truce,” Rishke said, adding that Israel “is trying to negotiate based on aggression to break the resistance, but that has not and will not happen. “

He also revealed that “the release of prisoners in the occupied territories will be matched by the release of Palestinian prisoners in prisons in the occupied territories,” stressing that “if an agreement is announced, we will accept and be satisfied and will express the demands of the resistance movement.”

In the same context, the head of Hamas’s overseas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, said the movement was close to “reaching a truce” with Israel.

“The movement has responded to the Qatari brothers and mediators and we are close to reaching a truce,” Haniyeh said in a statement sent to Reuters by one of his aides.

Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani said on Sunday that a swap deal between Israel and Hamas was “imminent.”

Israel is waging war Gaza Strip On the 46th day, the number of martyrs reached more than 13,000.

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