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US forces were reportedly targeted in the Middle East for the first time since February amid tensions between Israel and Iran

At least five missiles were fired at a US base in northeastern Syria, Reuters reported on Sunday, citing two unnamed Iraqi security officials. The projectiles were reportedly fired from the town of Zammar in northwestern Iraq. Reuters did not specify whether there were any casualties.

The Iraq-based Kataib Hezbollah group later issued a statement saying it had decided to resume attacks on American personnel. “What happened a little while ago is the beginning.” The group said, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The Iranian-backed militias stopped their attacks on US military installations in the region in February, after Washington launched retaliatory air strikes on dozens of targets in Iraq and Syria. Militants launched missiles and drones against US forces in the Middle East more than 150 times between last October, when the war between Israel and Hamas began, and February, which culminated in an attack that killed three Americans and wounded 40 others at a settlement outpost in Jordan.

Reuters said that Sunday's attack included a rocket launcher mounted on a pickup truck. An Iraqi army officer said that the truck caught fire as a result of the explosion of unfired rockets, and that it appeared to have been hit in an air strike, possibly by American forces. The unidentified gunmen fled the area in another car.

The incident came one day after a deadly explosion at an Iraqi military command center north of Baghdad. The explosion reportedly killed an Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces member and injured eight other people. American and Israeli military officials denied any involvement in the explosion. The Iraqi army said that there were no drones or warplanes in the airspace around the command center at the time of the explosion.

The surge in violence came after a week in which Iran and Israel exchanged largely ineffective air attacks on each other. Iran's drone and missile launches against Israel were on April 13 Revenge To bomb the Iranian consulate in Syria on April 1. The attack on the consulate led to the deaths of 16 people, including two Iranian generals and five other officers.

Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani returned to his country, on Saturday, from his trip to the United States, where he met with President Joe Biden at the White House. He also stopped in Michigan to meet with Arab American leaders.

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