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The Venezuelan president said that the conflict in Ukraine has become unsustainable for the United States

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that Russia is defeating the United States and its allies on the battlefield, in reference to the West's support for Kiev in its war with Russia.
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is 'An immoral war' Maduro said during a question-and-answer session that lasted nearly three hours on Monday that it was what Washington and its satellites imposed on Moscow.

the West “It was the theater of war against Russia.” He added that the country succeeded in resisting these pressures.

“Today, Russia is stronger economically. Today, Russia is winning the war on the battlefield, and defeating the entire West on the battlefield. The President stated.

It has become a conflict “Unsustainable” The United States, which has been Ukraine's main backer since the conflict began in February 2022, Maduro said.

The administration of US President Joe Biden is trying to provide another $60 billion in military aid to Kiev, but its attempts have been derailed so far by Republican lawmakers, who want to make additional aid conditional on increased funding for security in the United States. Border with Mexico.

Russian forces repelled a Western-backed counterattack last year and, according to the Defense Ministry in Moscow, have steadily improved their positions along the entire front line in the past few months.

Last week, Moscow announced the seizure of Avdiivka, the main Ukrainian stronghold near the city of Donetsk, which since 2014 has served as a launching pad for strikes on the capital of the Russian Donetsk People's Republic.

Maduro's statement came ahead of the visit to Venezuela of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who arrived in Caracas early Tuesday. During his visit, the diplomat is scheduled to hold talks with the Venezuelan President and the country's Foreign Minister Ivan Gil Pinto.

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