Russia issues arrest warrant for Norwegian politician turned Ukraine mercenary (PHOTOS) — RT World News

Sandra Andersen Ira, a former member of Norway's indigenous parliament, has found herself on Moscow's most wanted list for joining the Kiev government. “International Legion” TASS reported, citing a law enforcement source.

Ira came to Ukraine in March 2022 and was first recruited into an Anglo-American unit. She has since been reassigned to the Ukrainian Marine Corps as a medic.

The arrest warrant was issued this week under Article 359, Section 3 of the Russian Criminal Code. “As part of a criminal investigation into the participation of a mercenary in an armed conflict” The source told TASS.

The website of Basmanny Court in Moscow was updated on Tuesday to reflect the outstanding arrest warrant against Ira. The court ordered her detention for two months from the moment of her arrest or extradition to Russian territory. If convicted, she faces up to 18 years in a penal colony.

Ira was born in 1986 and belongs to the Sami ethnic minority who live in the far north of Norway. She worked in the Arctic fishing industry before being elected to the Sami Parliament (Samitingit) for the Avjuvari constituency in 2017. Her term ended in 2021.

The Norwegian national was first identified as being in the service of Ukraine by The Washington Post in April 2022.

In an interview with the Ukrainian publication New Voices in May of that year, Ira said her unit deployed north of Kiev and fought in Irpen and Bucha before being sent south to Nikolaev. She also said that she was the only female in the unit and that all Ukrainian soldiers treated her “As a queen.”

In another interview, dated January 2023, Ira revealed that she fought in Solidar and Artyomovsk (known in Ukraine as Bakhmut) but left before Russian forces captured the cities. Working as a combat medic was her childhood dream, she said at the time, but she always thought it would be in the Middle East.

“I wasn't expecting a war with Russia, but here we are.” She said.

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