When the Plaion Store apparently leaked STALKER 2’s release date (December 1st), fans were hoping it turned out to be true. After all, the last word for developer GSC Game World was still in December 2023, when it’s still currently on the list of games. steam page.

Moreover, the fact that the game is playable at Gamescom 2023 gave more credibility to the release date leak. However, when a release date trailer wasn’t shown on Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live, I knew a delay was likely.

This is mainly confirmed by the updated fact sheet available at this URL On the official site: STALKER 2 is now scheduled for Q1 2024 on PC and Xbox Series S|X (PlayStation 5 version likely Q2, due to Microsoft’s known three-month exclusivity period) . The fact sheet also says that pre-orders are made directly through the website, Steam, and GOG. This is not the case yet, but it may change in the next few hours – August 24 is Ukraine’s Independence Day and is likely to carry the official announcement.

The updated STALKER 2 fact sheet also includes the following details about the game:

The unique blend of first-person shooter, immersive simulation, and horror is back. Immerse yourself in the intricately detailed open world, accompanied by next-gen graphics and a rich narrative, all surrounded by the intense atmosphere of a deadly adventure. Stalker 2:
Heart of Chornobyl aims to be the ultimate STALKER experience, featuring a unique and iconic world and story shaped by player choices.

  • Play a major role in a cinematic branching storyline that unfolds in a local post-apocalyptic dark sci-fi landscape.
  • Enjoy a unique gaming experience, featuring First-person Shooter, Immersive Simulation, and Horror game elements.
  • Survival mechanisms that rely on scavenging for vital and valuable supplies: food, drinks, and medicines to survive harsh conditions, (non)natural hazards, and hostile local populations.
  • Illuminate the dark secrets of these lands, hunt mutants, and explore mysterious anomalies in search of precious artifacts with game-changing connections.
  • Try to survive tactical gun battles against different enemies and more than 30 firearm models, which you can upgrade and customize.
  • Experience benchmark graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5

STALKER 2’s long and turbulent development life is finally coming to an end, if only a little later than fans could have hoped. GSC Game World originally announced this sequel back in 2010 for a 2012 release, but the developer actually disbanded in late 2011. The studio got back together in December 2014 and started making Cossacks 3. However, their real goal was to return to STALKER 2 , which was re-announced in 2018 for a targeted release window of 2021. The first concrete date the studio was involved with was April 28, 2022, which shifted back to December 2022. Then the Russo-Ukrainian War suddenly imploded, forcing Ukrainian developers to pause work. for a few months until they get what they want.

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