Sudan.. Rapid Support Forces enter “Wad Madani”, news of hundreds of thousands fleeing

she declared rapid support force Yesterday, Monday, she went into town Wade Madani The capital of the central Sudanese state of Gezira, where it took control of the site after conflict with Sudan army It forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee the area.

The Rapid Support Forces released video footage saying its fighters took control of the 1st Civilian Infantry Brigade headquarters, the Central Reserve Command and the Hantub Bridge entrance from the east and shot down a warplane in the city.

Other video footage also showed Rapid Support fighters in pick-up trucks driving through the streets of the city, 180 kilometers south of Khartoum, and crossing a bridge over the Blue Nile that has witnessed fighting with Sudanese forces over the past few days. .

Activists also said the Rapid Support Forces set up checkpoints across the city and looted houses and cars without the presence of the army and police.

Rapid Support fighters also took control of areas around Wad Madani, including the town of Rifaa, 40 kilometers north of the city, according to witnesses.

Fighting broke out around the city on Friday morning as the Rapid Support Forces began advancing on the city.

Reuters said the capture of Wad Madani may constitute a turning point in the advance of these forces into western and central Sudan.

Meanwhile, the International Organization for Migration said on Monday that at least 2.5 to 300,000 people have fled Sudan's Jamsinla state since December 15 due to clashes between the Rapid Support Forces and the Sudanese army.

Before the latest fighting broke out, Jamsinla state hosted about 500,000 displaced people from Khartoum and other areas, including about 85,000 people in Wad Madani.

According to the United Nations, fighting in Sudan has killed more than 12,000 people in eight months, displaced more than 5.4 million people within the country, and nearly 1.5 million have fled to neighboring countries.

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