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The Ages Tour era may be over in the United States, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your friendship bracelets on the shelf. AMC Theaters announced Thursday morning (August 31) that it has teamed up with the singer to present the show Taylor Swift | Tour of the Ages The concert film, which will premiere on thousands of screens starting October 13.

According to the release, each AMC theater location in the United States will show the film at least four times per day on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, at a ticket price of $19.89 plus tax for adults and $13.13 for children and seniors plus tax (excluding AMC premium large-format screens). .) The film will be available in AMC theaters in the United States, Canada and Mexico, with tickets now on sale here And here.

Swift posted a trailer for the movie as well, writing, “The Eras Tour has been the most significant electric experience of my life so far, and I’m so happy to tell you that it’s coming to the big screen soon. Starting October 13th, you’ll be able to experience the concert movie in theaters.” In North America! Tickets are on sale now at…. Clothes of the era, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing were encouraged. 1, 2, 3 GB!!!! (Ikek).”

The film will also be shown in IMAX and Dolby Cinema on AMC, as well as in other premium large formats for a standard additional fee, which varies by format and theatre. In anticipation of the expected rush of interest — perhaps learning from the chaos unleashed by Ticketmaster’s botched launch of US Eras Tour dates — AMC said it upgraded its website and ticket engines to “handle more than five times the largest influx of ticket-buying traffic” the company had ever seen.

The 80-second trailer shows a quick clip of Swift’s many shimmering on-stage outfits from the “Cruel Summer” companion tour, providing glimpses into the most iconic sets from the three-plus-hour shows.

However, AMC warned that guests who want to be the first to buy their tickets for the movie may experience delays, longer-than-usual wait times to purchase tickets, and “potential outages.” In addition to hosting the film, AMC also serves as the film’s theatrical distributor Tour of the Ages Movie, securing locations with many other movie operators in the United States, Canada and Mexico, including deals with Cinemark (US), Cineplex (Canada), and Cinepolis (Mexico).

AMC said that due to the unique nature of the event, no free movie tickets will be accepted for screenings, and AMC Stubs A-List cannot use their memberships to book tickets; AMC will also temporarily reduce ticket availability on its website for most other movie titles in anticipation of a rush of interest. In addition, to avoid speculation on secondary ticketing sites, no refunds will be given for ticket purchases.

See the clip below.

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