Testimonies of captured Israeli soldiers who the occupying forces said were accidentally killed in Shujaiya


Al Jazeera aired footage it obtained of Israeli soldiers who the occupying forces said were accidentally killed in Shujaiya, east of Gaza City.

This video was played by the Palestinian resistance organization in Gaza. Four prisoners appeared in the video: Alon Shamrez, a reserve soldier of the Barum Anti-Tunnel Force, and Tom Haim, a reserve soldier. , Sakhi Aden, reserve officer, and Samer Talalka, reservist.

According to the video, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu His extremist and racist government killed them…time passed and disappeared”, “Their last wish was to come back alive, but something changed. “

The prisoners expressed their longing for their families and hoped to return to them as soon as possible. “I really, really hope I can get out of here as soon as possible… and I miss my family and my friends so much,” Shamrez said. “A lot.” “

“You are my life. I miss you all the time. I will see you soon. I am strong. We are all fine,” Haim told his family, expressing hope that peace would come and that he would be back soon.

The prisoners also praised the Palestinian resistance for the way they were treated, with Saki saying: “While I was here, the Qassam people – (izdin qassam brigade(Military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement)agitation“They provided me with everything I wanted, including food and drinks.”

According to the video shown by Al Jazeera, Samir Talalqa noted how the Qassam people respected him, adding: “They protected me, even risking their own lives, so that I could survive missiles and bombings.”

In the video, they talk about the Israeli bombing of their home in Gaza, with Samir Talalka noting: “There are bombings every day, even the house we live in was bombed.”

They also called on the government to stop the war in Gaza. One of them said: “I want to send someone to see the prime minister and ask for an end to the war and missile bombing, and to leave me and all the kidnapped people in Gaza alone. … We want to go home safely.”

Another added: “I'm asking you to stop the war inside me.” Gaza Strip“.

It is worth noting that the Israeli army recently announced the results of its investigation into the shooting and death of three captured soldiers in Gaza.

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