The backstory of the “One Piece” Baratie’s restaurant ship, as illustrated by series production designer Richard Bridgland

The Big Picture

  • Production designer Richard Bridgland has used his imagination and creativity to bring Baratie’s stunning floating restaurant to life one piece Live series.
  • In order to make Baratie appear believable and authentic in a live-action setting, Bridgland came up with a backstory that included scrap materials and a giant fish sculpture.
  • Netflix has done its best to bring one piece series to life, building realistic scenarios like Luffy’s Going Merry Ship and bringing on franchise creator Eiichiro Oda as executive producer.

In the one piece Anime and manga series, and there is an amazing floating restaurant called Paraty. Its base simulates the head and body of a giant fish, and the building, consisting of several floors, is located on the back of the fish. It’s amazing to look at, but challenging for the production designer Richard Bridgland, who had the difficult task of bringing Paraty to life. In an interview with Collider’s Mike ThomasBridgland revealed how much he needed to come up with a backstory in order for the restaurant’s existence to make sense within the live-action setting of the series.

During the interview, Bridgland said that as much as you like something in a manga or anime, you need to make sure it translates well into the live-action format, and “you want to make it sound credible, authentic and believable”. In this way, a site like Baratie can maintain a sense of wonder while also looking like a building that might actually exist even though it inhabits a fantasy world. So, the production designer had to go into Zeff’s company (Craig Fairbrass) Think and imagine how a Paraty chef would build such an architectural marvel:

“(U) goes about 18th century piracy, I imagine Ziff, when he gave up piracy and wanted to start his own restaurant, went down to a pirate junkyard and used his own ship, got a couple of other schooners. He needed some office space upstairs, And he needed some places for his crew to live, so he put it up on top of his ship and everything.Then on the way out, there happened to be a big fish head figurine that he bought, so I put it up front.Then when you put it all together in designing the thing, he actually makes Something like Paraty from the story, but also believable in the live-action world as well.

Baratie is just one of many ships brought to life by Netflix one piece

It may seem like Bridgland is letting his imagination run wild when he thinks of Zeff and Baratie, but that’s exactly the kind of work to be expected from a production designer. It’s also this kind of thinking that makes items in the fantasy world look and feel real – which is exactly what one piece needs.

the one piece The live-action series has several challenges at hand: bringing a sense of familiarity to longtime fans while also wowing them; Introducing the franchise to a whole new audience, translating the spirit of the manga and anime series and looking good while doing it. Because of this, it seems as though Netflix hasn’t stopped at bringing the series to life, building realistic scenarios like Luffy’s Going Merry Ship and introducing iconic fantasy. Iichiro Oda on board as executive producer in order to oversee every decision made before and during filming.

Netflix premiere one piece This Thursday, August 31st. You can watch the latest trailer below:

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