The most prominent developments on day 43 of Israel’s war on Gaza


Day 43 of Israeli aggression Gaza StripOccupying troops withdraw Shifa Medical Center According to the testimonies of those who left the complex, most of the injured, sick, displaced people and doctors were given an hour before starting to walk south in tragic scenes.

Israel’s bombardment of various areas of Gaza continues, and the occupying forces have carried out new “horrible” massacres in Fakula School and Tal Za’tar in the northern Gaza Strip, killing hundreds of people, including martyrs and wounded.

Here are the most noteworthy developments from Day 43:

  • Biden: Palestinian Authority should govern West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • Israeli Defense Minister: We will not run the Gaza Strip after the war, and Hamas will not run it.
  • Gallant: We have entered the second phase of the ground operation in Gaza.
  • Netanyahu: We are facing international pressure and there is no prisoner exchange agreement yet.
  • UNICEF: Attacks on Gaza schools are horrific.
  • Israeli commander: Attack on Shifa hospital a show of force.
  • Kassam spokesman: We have lost contact with the organization responsible for protecting prisoners.
  • U.S. officials question Israel’s strategy to eliminate Hamas.
  • Israeli officials expect the ground offensive to last three months.
  • Occupation Forces: We are engaged in fierce fighting with large numbers of Qassam fighters in the Al-Zaytoun area and Jabaliya.
  • The Israeli occupying forces announced the killing of six officers and soldiers in Gaza.
  • Qassam claimed to have killed several occupation soldiers and destroyed dozens of vehicles.
  • There are 12,300 martyrs in the Israeli aggression against Gaza.
  • Turkish Foreign Minister: We discussed severing ties with Israel.
  • Occupation forces announce expansion of ground operations in northern Gaza.
  • Osama Hamdan: The international community’s silence will lead to unexpected consequences.
  • The occupying forces forcibly evacuated the Shifa complex, resulting in tragic scenes of displaced people.
  • Erdogan calls for inspection of Israel’s nuclear weapons.
  • Sisi again refuses to replace Palestinians.
  • Director of Al-Shifa Complex: If patients stay in hospital, they will die.
  • The occupation arrested 40 Palestinians in the West Bank, raising the number of martyrs to 212.
  • Britain organized 100 marches in solidarity with Gaza.
  • Hezbollah announced it had shot down an Israeli drone.
  • UN official: What’s happening in Gaza is a crisis for all humanity.
  • United Nations Organization: Gaza is facing famine and all bakeries in the Strip have closed.
  • Financial Times: Israel borrowed $6 billion in debt due to the Gaza war.
  • After saving a certain amount of fuel, some communications services were returned to Gaza.

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