The most prominent developments on day 99 of Israel's war on Gaza


Israel War Day 99 GazaDozens of people were killed in artillery fire and air strikes in the city of Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip and east of the central region, bringing the number of martyrs to more than 23,800, according to the health ministry.

Occupation forces suffer new losses, Israeli Prime Minister announces Benjamin Netanyahu Despite high cost, war will continue, demonstrating need for intervention philadelphia axis On the Egyptian border.

Number of martyrs and wounded

The Gaza Ministry of Health announced on Saturday afternoon that Israeli occupying forces carried out 12 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip within 24 hours, resulting in 135 deaths and 312 injuries.

Thus, the death toll since the beginning of the war rose to 23,843 martyrs and 60,317 wounded, according to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense: “genocide It has resulted in 1 in 20 Palestinians in Gaza becoming a martyr, injured or missing. “

fighting and missile strikes

The Israeli army announced that one soldier was killed and two officers and one soldier were seriously injured in fighting in Gaza, bringing the number of Israeli army deaths since Operation Al-Aqsa Flood to 521 and the number of injured to 2,523. Official data shall prevail.

At the same time, she announced Qassam Brigade -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) — bombarded settlements around the Gaza Strip with a swarm of missiles. It was also reported that its warplanes killed two Israeli soldiers at zero range east of Khan Younis and targeted a helicopter with a surface-to-air missile. They also targeted infantry regiments with professional soldiers and some tanks and vehicles.

It was also announced Holy City Brigade military wing of the movement Islamic Jihad It has bombarded sites and settlements in the northern Gaza Strip with missiles and reported heavy clashes between its militants east of the Brighi and Magazi refugee camps in the central Gaza Strip.

Israel protests escalate

Crowds of Israelis took part in demonstrations stretching from Tel Aviv to Haifa, demanding the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu's government and calling for the return of prisoners through a new exchange deal.

Al Jazeera reporters said demonstrators closed a major road in Tel Aviv for the first time since the protests began.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu said in a televised address that the war had come at a heavy cost but would continue, noting that an intervention on the Philadelphia axis on the southern Gaza Strip's border with Egypt, as he described it, was necessary.

The fate of 4 prisoners is unknown

The Qassam Brigade announced in a video that it had lost contact with the cells housing four Israeli Gaza prisoners since 2014, saying in a message to the families of the remaining prisoners that “time is running out” .

On the other hand, Israel's Channel 12 said it has started delivering medicines to Israeli detainees in Gaza under an agreement with the State of Qatar.

West Bank Conflict

Clashes broke out between Palestinian resistance fighters and occupying forces in an attack on the Farah camp south of Tubas in the northeastern West Bank, injuring several Palestinians.

As night fell, occupying forces attacked the city of Jenin and surrounded the main entrance to the camp in armed clashes.

Part of the Houthi military parade in Yemen (Europe)

New strikes in Yemen

The U.S. military continues to bomb multiple locations in Yemen, targeting the Ansar Houthi naval base in Hodeidah in the west of the country and, hours earlier, a radar station in Sanaa.

At the same time, US President Biden said that the United States sent a special message to Iran regarding the attacks in Yemen, emphasizing that the United States is fully prepared to deal with the situation in the region.

On the other hand, the New York Times quoted U.S. officials as saying that finding targets for the Houthis has proven to be “more difficult than expected.”

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