The server was fired after attending a wedding, despite telling two managers and posting on the staff Facebook

Texas Roadhouse server and Tik Tok Influencer @pimpvanillaslim, known for hacking popular menus offering customers promising advice on saving and choice, says she was fired from her restaurant in Springfield, Missouri.

The news was published Wednesday afternoon in a now-deleted video. In an interview with The Daily Dot via Instagram DM, she said she was removed from the schedule after attending a wedding last weekend in lieu of her 11am-3pm morning shift — despite asking two managers beforehand if it was okay to miss out. Shift, posted about its looming break in the staff group on Facebook, and a solid sales record. Not to mention generating millions of views in brand friendly content.

“At Texas Roadhouse, you can’t request off-duty shifts, all you have to do is get another server to do it for you or trade shifts with someone. You can also help out the kitchen when it’s understaffed which I did before this shift but I asked A “going out and leaving” card which is a coupon you get when you do something good in the restaurant like boost sales I texted each of the managers 2 days before the wedding day to ask if I could quit the shift for working the salad because I didn’t get a refund Checkout or pick it up at all.”None of the managers answered and I ended up calling the morning of the wedding to apologize,” she said.

She said she was then removed from the Facebook group and had her shifts cancelled. She was called to a meeting on Wednesday with the owner. She said her “heart sank” but she did not expect to be left behind.

“I thought there was no way I would be fired, as my friends who work there reassured me. No way I would be fired because I just had a 100% store and I was in the top 20 in the market. I haven’t called since the beginning of the year I think. Show up early for work.” And I win contests all the time in the shop like selling shemales and overselling.In fact, the last time I worked, our contest was selling shrimp baked goods, and I won the contest and got rewarded with Andy’s frozen custard after the shift.

But no, she was virtually abandoned at this meeting, which was held on site in the Texas Roadhouse suite.


Mom, leave me alone, I want to be famous

♬ I want to be famous – Ija ✯

“He said I had posted the day before on private Facebook (where we ask to switch shifts) which was not true, I had posted twice: once two days ago and again the day before in a last minute panic I had to call.” He said I didn’t try very hard to remove it. “Then he compared me when I was invited to the wedding to someone who called me to watch a football game,” she said.

It doesn’t seem like it’s a widespread TikTok issue either: “None of my co-workers had anything negative to say about my TikTok app. In fact, they were excited too, and we’re asking me how to do our next tipping hack.” The company captioned one of the clips. My video, and I just asked to review the social media policies and not to reveal any private information.

And in an era when social media has become a platform for complaining about the workplace, @pimpvanillaslim has found purpose and pride in working in the shop, she says.

“I love Texas Roadhouse and I’ve been through a lot this summer. My fiancé and I broke up and because we lived together I had to move out and live with my boyfriend. We had a fight and my things ended up being dumped in her yard so I had to move back in with my dad after a couple of hours. I still happily show up every day.” A day though driving. I also lost two of my grandmothers. Through it all, I fell in love with my job because it was a distraction from all the stress. Since I had so much passion for Roadhouse, I tried to turn that into a tiktok app,” she said. .

She said she would miss the camaraderie and meeting new people at her job, along with the talent she developed for the job after two years of roadhouse turnarounds. As for TikTok, Roadhouse has become central to its content creation.

“I posted server related stuff before I exploded and after I made the ham blossom video I got really excited and focused my TikTok only on Texas Roadhouse content because I finally found my niche,” she said.

She is a student, and says she will start looking for a job in graphic design after that, closer to graduation in May.

So does Roadhouse have any tricks for the road?

“Your last food stunt will probably piss off the servers, but if you get two sides, and also want to add a salad, the price of the salad itself is $4.99, while the other sides are $2.99. So. Make sure if you want the salad to be listed as one of the original size and then add the other side that wasn’t in the parlor then like if you want green beans and corn and salad make sure you say I like green bean salad and then I can add a side of Corn She said, “This way you can save two dollars.”

And it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop frequenting the restaurant either.

“My roommate actually works at the Texas Roadhouse too,” she said, “and I texted her last night to bring home some rolls and snake bites.”

We have contacted the Texas Roadhouse Company via email and the Managing Partner of their restaurant is listed on the Texas Roadhouse website via a friend request on Facebook and Messenger.

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*First published: September 3, 2023 at 12:15 PM CST

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