These are the messages from members of the South African legal team suing Israel in The Hague

I listened international court of justice Defense took place yesterday, Thursday, in The Hague South Africa in her lawsuit Israel genocide against Palestinians Gaza Stripand the need to stop the war going on there.

According to Al Jazeera, the South African legal team trying Israel in The Hague is composed of law professors, members of human rights organizations and lawyers specializing in international law and human rights. They are:

John Dugard

  • Former Professor of Law at the University of South Africa.
  • Former director of the Legal Research Center.
  • He served as a special judge of the International Court of Justice.

Adela Hashem(Adira Hashem)

  • Former judge and member of the Johannesburg Bar Association.
  • Member of the South African Human Rights Organization.

Tambeka Nkuketobi

  • Famous lawyer.
  • Member of the Johannesburg Bar Association.
  • Member, Judicial Services Commission.

Max du Plessis

  • Lawyer specializing in public law, human rights and international law.

Chidiso Lamoguerre

  • A lawyer specializing in human rights cases.
  • He worked at the Constitutional Court (Human Rights Commission).

Sarah Podwin Jones

  • A lawyer who specializes in public law.

Lerato Zikalala

  • Specializes in international human rights law.
  • Member of Lawyers Against Cruelty.

Vaughn Lowe

  • Experienced UK solicitor.
  • Specializing in international law.
  • He brought proceedings before the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Justice.
  • He served as prosecutor at the European Court of Human Rights.

Brian Gregg

  • Lawyer accredited by the International Criminal Court.
  • Expert in human rights, public international law and criminal law.

He is the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa He commented on Israel's request in The Hague, saying he had never been prouder than today and stressing that the goal of proceedings against Israel at the International Court of Justice is to stop genocide in the Gaza Strip.

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