These are the salaries singles need to survive in every state


August 30, 2023 | 7:08 pm

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With increasing numbers of adults getting married at a later age or choosing to remain single, a recent report calculated the average salary in each state that a single person would need to live in comfortably.

No shocker here: New York rounded out the top five.

On average, single workers in the United States need an annual income of $57,200 to earn a living wage in America, according to analysis by the International Labor Organization. GOBankingRates.

That amount is a few thousand less than the median income of all American workers, regardless of marital status — $59,428. According to Forbes.

To determine baselines for wages, GoBankingRates used data from Bureau of Labor Statistics To determine the minimum amount one person will need to follow a 50/30/20 budget — meaning 50% for necessities, 30% for discretionary spending, and 20% for savings or investments.

Hawaii is the most expensive state for singles, requiring them to earn an annual salary of $112,411 to live comfortably.

Unfortunately, the average annual salary in the Aloha State — which has one of the highest costs of living — is significantly less than $61,420, according to Forbes.

Perhaps surprisingly, it is also the only state where a person needs to earn six figures to survive.

Massachusetts, California, New York, and Alaska fill the top five salary needs for those who are single or married.

On average, single workers need income of $57,200 to earn a living wage in America, according to the analysis.
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Ideally, single people in Massachusetts should earn an annual salary of $87,909, but the average worker makes about $11,000 less, and their average wage is $76,600.

Meanwhile, single employees in the Golden State should want to make $80,013 annually but are unlikely to earn that amount, as the average salary in the state is $73,220.

New York once again proved it encourages independence by requiring singles to earn $73,226, just below the median salary of $74,870 calculated by Forbes.

And in Alaska, being single is also more welcome. Single people should be able to live comfortably with the goal of an annual salary of $71,570, which seems achievable with a median statewide salary of $66,130.

Massachusetts, California, and New York all require a high living wage, largely due to the fact that Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City — some of the largest cities in the country — have some of the highest housing costs in the United States, which individuals would otherwise have to take alone. .

Additionally, other studies have claimed that New York City is the most expensive place to live as a single person.

This report comes at a time when more adults are marrying later and choosing to remain single.
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Unsurprisingly, Mississippi – the poorest state in the country – comes in at the bottom of the list – only requiring singles to earn about $45,906 per year, which seems possible with an average salary of $45,180.

The five most expensive states for singles:

  1. Hawaii: $112,411
  2. Massachusetts: $87,909
  3. California: $80,013
  4. New York: $73,226
  5. Alaska: $71,570

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