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The former president received more votes than the next two candidates combined in the Iowa caucus

Former President Donald Trump won a landslide victory in the first Republican primary in the 2024 presidential race, receiving three times more delegates than his closest rival and more than 50% of the popular vote.

With more than 95% of the votes counted after Monday's caucus in Iowa, Trump received 51% of voters and 19 delegates, far ahead of his Republican rivals Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley, who received 21.3% and 19.1%, respectively. DeSantis won eight delegates and remained in second place, while Haley scored seven delegates.

As the race came to a close late in the evening, Trump wrote a social media post thanking his supporters in Iowa, writing “I love you all!”

The victory comes on the heels of positive polls for the front-runner, with an NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll giving him an advantage of about 30 points over the other candidates.

While the same poll placed former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in second place, second place went to DeSantis, the current Florida governor.

Before returning home, Haley made a veiled criticism of Trump, telling her supporters “If you want to move forward without more vengeance, if you want to move forward with a sense of hope, join us at this rally.”

Meanwhile, GOP newcomer Vivek Ramaswamy came in fourth place with 7.7% of the vote, but did not win any delegates.

Trump's victory in Iowa comes on the heels of a major election campaign in the state, which greatly outperformed his results in the 2016 race, which was ultimately won by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. According to the Associated Press, Trump's team “I paid special attention to building a sophisticated digital and data process to regularly communicate with potential supporters.”

Since 1972, Iowa – traditionally seen as a Republican stronghold – was the first state in the US to hold its caucus before the election and its results are often interpreted as a sign of how other states might fare ahead of the November election. The candidates will head to New Hampshire for the next round of voting, and Trump is expected to hold a rally in the state after attending a court hearing in New York.

With the 2024 election season underway, the former president faces several criminal indictments, including charges related to alleged election interference, secret payments to a porn star, and mishandling of classified materials. Trump rejected all the charges against him, describing them as part of a political case “witch hunting” Launched by his opponents in the Democratic Party.

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