U.S. official announces details of Israel-Hamas deal and praises Qatar’s role


A senior U.S. official praised Qatar for its role in reaching an agreement between Israel and the Islamic resistance movement at dawn on Wednesday (agitationIts most important provisions resulted in a prisoner exchange and a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The U.S. official said in an official briefing that an agreement had been reached on the first phase of a prisoner exchange deal that would include the release of 50 women and children in Gaza in exchange for Israel releasing some prisoners from its prisons. Adding that participants in the first phase of the agreement include two American women and a girl.

The source revealed that the prisoner exchange agreement will be officially announced through the State of Qatar after Israel receives a response, and praised Doha for its efforts in this stage of the negotiations.

He said that the implementation process of the agreement will begin 24 hours after the agreement is officially announced, indicating that if the second phase of the agreement makes progress, the truce period may be extended.

He emphasized that the U.S. government will continue to work on the next phase of the agreement until all hostages are released, and said that real progress in negotiations was made after Hamas identified 50 hostages.

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced:Qatar’s joint mediation efforts with Egypt and the United States between Israel and Hamas have been successful. “

She said in a statement that “the mediation efforts culminated in a humanitarian truce agreement, the start time of which will be announced within 24 hours” and that “the humanitarian truce will last for four days and may be extended.”

Earlier, the Israeli government approved an agreement with Hamas to exchange prisoners and detainees in Gaza and established a temporary truce in the Gaza Strip, according to an official statement.

The announcement was made at the end of a cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister, which lasted until dawn today Benjamin NetanyahuAll ministers supported the agreement except three extremist ministers belonging to the Religious Zionist Party.

they are brigade Ezzeddine Kassam The military wing of the Hamas movement announced that the Palestinian resistance faction captured about 250 Israelis in an operation, of which 200 were imprisoned al aqsa floods October 7 last year.

Kassam also announced earlier that Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip has resulted in the death of more than 60 Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip since October 7 last year.

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