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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Tuesday that Ukraine's very survival could be at stake unless the West sends more military aid.

The Pentagon chief was in Germany to attend a meeting of the so-called Ukrainian Defense Contact Group at Ramstein Air Base, on his first foreign trip since being hospitalized in January.

“Today, Ukraine’s survival is at risk and America’s security is at risk.” Austin said in a press conference after the meeting.

Maintaining the flow of weapons, equipment and ammunition is essential “A question of the survival and sovereignty of Ukraine” And “A matter of honor and security for America” he added.

He did not say how the United States intends to support Ukraine without additional funding. The bill, which provides more than $60 billion in aid to Kiev, is still pending in the US House of Representatives.

we “Inaction” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at Tuesday's press conference that the attack had already led to Ukraine losing territory on the battlefield. Democratic President Joe Biden, a Democrat, has been trying to pressure Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to approve funding for Ukraine for months, to no avail so far.

After the meeting with Ramstein, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius Announce A package of weapons and ammunition to Kiev worth 500 million euros ($543 million).

Washington has exhausted almost all of the funding approved by Congress for Kiev. Pentagon Congress has asked In exchange for at least $6.5 billion to replenish its depleted stocks. The White House announced on Friday that it had managed to assemble a package of ammunition worth $300 million from around the world “savings” At the Pentagon, but warned that this would only support Ukraine for a few weeks. This was the first batch of US funding since the beginning of 2024.

At the same time, the United States urged Ukraine to do so Expanded packaging For young people to fill Extremely exhausted Ranks of front-line brigades.

Ukrainian forces lost the key Avdiivka fortress in Donbass last month, retreating in disarray before advancing Russian forces, and have suffered heavy casualties in open battle ever since. The battle led French military analysts to conclude that Kiev could not win on the battlefield, according to the Russia Today website. Categorized reports It leaked to the Marianne outlet earlier this month.

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