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Several media outlets reported that Rustam Omerov will instead meet with his French counterpart, Sebastien Lecornu, via video link.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustam Umarov canceled a trip to meet his French counterpart, Sebastien Lecornu.for security reasons,“, several media outlets reported. The two officials are instead expected to hold talks via video link later on Thursday as Paris prepares to launch “Artillery AllianceTo support Kyiv.

Le Monde and France 24 reported on Thursday that the cancellation of Omerov's trip was announced at the last minute. The two defense ministers were reportedly planning to visit industrial sites in Bourges owned by arms manufacturer Nexter, where self-propelled howitzers are assembled, as well as a facility in Selles-Saint-Denis owned by missile manufacturer MBDA.

the “artillery alliance,The group led by France and the United States includes 23 countries. LeCorno previously explained that the new grouping was necessary to “Coordinate efforts to help Ukraine build artillery forces appropriate to the counteroffensive needs of its future army.

Speaking to daily newspaper Le Parisien on Thursday, the French minister revealed plans to produce 78 Caesar howitzers for Kiev this year. While Ukraine wasHe just bought six Caesars with his own money,“The official called”Our European partners and allies to participateThe cost of remaining pieces of military equipment.

French President Emmanuel Macron stressed on Tuesday that his country will continue to stand by Ukraine, with plans to send 40 additional long-range air-launched cruise missiles, in addition to “Hundreds of bombs.

He added that he intends to visit Ukraine next February to sign a bilateral security agreement, similar to the agreement between London and Kiev, which was finalized last week.

These latest statements from senior French officials came against the backdrop of a failed Ukrainian counteroffensive, which did not achieve any significant territorial gains but suffered heavy losses. As Russian forces recently regained the initiative along the front line, the Ukrainian government has put increasing pressure on its supporters to obtain more weapons. As of Monday, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba urged the West to do more in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry claimed on Wednesday that its precision raid on a building in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov the day before had killed at least 60 foreign fighters and wounded 20 others, most of whom were believed to be French.

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