Ukrainians fueling increase in Poland’s crime rate – media — RT World News

Foreign citizens committed more than 17,000 legal violations in the country in 2023, according to police data

The Rzeczpospolita newspaper reported, citing data received from the police, that the influx of Ukrainian refugees into Poland since the beginning of the conflict between Moscow and Kiev had a negative impact on crime in the country.

The newspaper said in an article entitled: A total of 17,278 violations of the law were committed by foreigners in Poland last year, an increase of 2,400 from 2022. “The dark side of immigration” Published last week. In 2013, the number reached only 3,500, the newspaper noted.

Police data indicate that Ukrainians are responsible for more than half of the crimes, followed by citizens of Georgia and Belarus.

One in three violations was related to alcohol consumption and drunk driving. There were 4,898 such cases last year, with Ukrainian citizens reportedly involved in 70% of them. Drunk driving has become “Generate a problem” And in Poland, with the discovery of a high level of alcohol in blood samples taken from the perpetrators “sudden” Even experienced police officers, the newspaper wrote.

Many immigrants also do not adhere to court-ordered bans on drunk driving. In 2023, 871 foreigners, 518 of them Ukrainians, were charged with driving while banned, which is punishable by up to three years in prison. According to police figures, there were only 400 such incidents in 2022.

Traffic expert Wojciech Abiary told Rzeczpospolita that some foreign citizens feel immune because they are not citizens of the country.

“There are 2.5 million Ukrainian citizens in Poland, so this phenomenon must be related to this.” Miroslav Skorka of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland told the truth. Maybe the Ukrainians are too “drink more” And sitting behind the wheel because “cultural” He suggested reasons.

According to police data, the number of thefts and drug-related crimes committed by foreigners also rose in Poland last year, reaching 3,240 and 2,451, respectively. The perpetrators were arrested in 208 cases “Limited quantities” of drugs on them.

“We have more and more foreigners. In their countries, they are often afraid to break the law, but in Poland they think they are guests, and they are allowed to receive more.” Criminology professor Bronon Hollist said, calling for organizing social campaigns to clarify the consequences of violating the law.

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