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The House of Representatives once again passed legislation that would shut down the video-sharing platform if its Chinese owner does not sell it

The US House of Representatives has come up with a new strategy to pass a bill that would require TikTok to be sold or banned: linking the initiative to emergency spending on the conflicts between Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Hamas.

The latest legislation targeting TikTok passed by a vote of 360 to 58 in the House of Representatives on Saturday. It would give the video-sharing platform's Chinese parent company, ByeDance, nine months to sell the fast-growing business or risk being banned from US app stores.

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives approved a Similar invoice In March, saying TikTok was “A threat to national security” Because of its Chinese ownership. Supporters of the legislation are betting that by combining it with several emergency spending bills passed Saturday — including military aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan — they can force the Senate to approve it in an “all-or-nothing” vote.

US President Joe Biden said he would sign the TikTok bill into law if it is approved by both houses of Congress. He and his allies in the Senate may not be able to resist approving the bulk security legislation after they struggled for six months to win passage of additional aid for Ukraine in the Republican-controlled House.

Tik Tok It lobbied against the legislation, saying it would crush the free speech rights of its 170 million American users and hurt seven million small businesses that rely on the platform. By combining this initiative with other bills, the House of Representatives “Using the cover of important foreign and humanitarian aid” The company said.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) passed a wave of security-related bills on Saturday, including various aid packages and legislation that would allow the Biden administration to liquidate seized Russian assets and give the proceeds to Ukraine.

The aid bills provide funding for $95 billion in emergency spending, including $61 billion for Ukraine. The Ukrainian bill was approved by a vote of 311 to 112, with unanimous support from Democratic lawmakers enabling Johnson to overtake opposition in his own party.

actor Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) called for a vote on Saturday “Despicable, contemptible,” Saying that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has become “Puppet Master Mike Johnson.” She added, He added: “Mike Johnson is not only a traitor to our conference, he is a traitor to our country.”

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