US needs ‘new breed’ of leaders – Schwarzenegger —

The former California governor and Hollywood star told Politico that the “age factor” raises concerns in next year’s presidential election

Americans are looking for “something new” Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Trump and Joe Biden are in the White House and are understandably concerned about the 2024 presidential rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden because of the candidates’ advanced ages.

In an interview with Politico, the star of several Terminator films, among others, said that given the complexity of the problems the United States faces, the country needs to… “Someone with energy.”

“We need new blood. I say we always need a new generation of leaders.” Schwarzenegger told the outlet. “This is really because none of them are perfect and also because of the age factor.”

Schwarzenegger also complained about the media’s focus on Trump and Biden, saying it hinders other potential candidates from being able to run. “construct name” For themselves.

“When Biden gives a press conference, everyone covers him. “And when Trump does something… even when he sneezes, they cover him up.” He said.

Schwarzenegger also raised the issue of Biden and Trump’s ages when he spoke with Axios to promote a new audiobook about the 2003 California recall election, which he won.

“The bottom line is I think we need to find new leaders. To me, they’re both flawed and I think we’re at a time now where we need someone strong, where we need visionaries, not people who mess around with little Mickey Mouse things.” He told Axios.

In June, the actor-turned-politician told CNN’s Chris Wallace that he would run for president if legally allowed to enter the race. Schwarzenegger was born in Austria, so he is not eligible to run for the top office. He told Wallace he could “I see clearly how I can win this election.” And he was a “without thinking.”

In a recent New York Times/Siena College poll, nearly three-quarters of respondents (71%) said Biden is too old to serve effectively. Biden will turn 81 later this month, and was the oldest president to be sworn in at 78 years old. Trump is currently 77 years old.

Earlier this month, David Axelrod, chief political campaign strategist for former US President Barack Obama, indicated that Biden should reconsider running in 2024 due to… “Concerned about age issue” Which suggests it was something for the current president “It needs contemplation.”

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