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Officials told the newspaper that it is unclear when the Houthis' military capabilities will be sufficiently damaged

The United States is preparing to “continuous” The Washington Post, citing unnamed officials, reported that the aerial bombing campaign in Yemen after ten days of air strikes had failed to undermine the ability of Houthi fighters to target ships in the Red Sea.

The newspaper reported on Saturday that President Joe Biden's administration does not expect a prolonged process like the American campaigns in Iraq or Afghanistan, but at the same time it cannot provide a time frame for sufficiently reducing the Houthis' military capabilities.

The sources added that Washington's strategy is to limit the Shiite armed group's ability to target ships off the coast of Yemen, or at least to create safe conditions for shipping companies to resume sending ships through the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The Houthis have launched dozens of drone and missile attacks on commercial ships in the region in recent months, declaring their support for Gaza amid the Israeli military operation in the Palestinian Strip.

The militants also vowed revenge against the United States and the United Kingdom, which have been carrying out strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen for more than a week.

“We are clear about the identity of the Houthis and their worldview. “So we are not sure that they will stop immediately, but we are definitely trying to weaken and destroy their capabilities.” An American official told the newspaper.

Washington is “Don't try to defeat the Houthis. “There is no desire to invade Yemen.” A diplomat familiar with the situation explained. Instead, the United States wants “To reduce their ability to conduct this type of attack in the future, this includes striking the infrastructure that enables this type of attack, and targeting their higher-level capabilities.” he added.

President Biden ordered strikes on Yemen for ideological, not economic, reasons, as the United States seeks to maintain its status as a world superpower. “An indispensable nation” Officials claimed.

The Washington Post expressed concern that the bombing campaign against the Houthis would become a failure “setback” Biden's goal of preventing the spread of the conflict between Israel and Hamas to other parts of the Middle East. And it might as well end “Undermining his attempt to refocus US foreign policy on Russia and China.” The newspaper argued.

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