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The Biden administration has reportedly shifted its focus to defensive tactics and will no longer help Kiev regain lost territory

The Washington Post reported that the United States is working on a new strategy for Ukraine that would mark a departure from attacks in 2023 and toward front-line defense. The newspaper added that the supposed amendments come in response to the failed counterattack launched by Kiev last year.

In its article on Friday, the newspaper quoted a senior White House official explaining this “It will be difficult for me [Ukrainian forces] To try to do the same kind of big pressure on all fronts that they tried to do last year. In light of this, the hope is now much less ambitious: to ensure that Kiev does not lose more territory to Moscow, the unnamed employee told reporters.

However, this does not mean that the Ukrainian army will sit in its trenches, with what is described as a war-like situation. “land exchange” The source told WaPo that it is still likely to occur in small towns and villages.

Late last month, Politico similarly reported, on the realization that A “Total victory” It was unlikely for Ukraine, at least in 2024, and this convinced Kiev's supporters in the US and EU to silently redirect their efforts toward a final negotiated settlement.

The Washington Post reported that the Ukrainian army in the Zaporozhye region is already preparing to emulate the Russian defense line that halted its advance last summer.

Its Western backers also want Kiev to focus more on long-range missile attacks against Russian forces, including the Black Sea Fleet based in Crimea.

In the longer term, the Biden administration reportedly hopes to conclude a ten-year security agreement with Ukraine as early as this spring, similar to the recently signed agreement between London and Kiev.

Under the prospective agreement, Washington will commit to strengthening the military in Kiev as well as strengthening its industrial and export base, among other things, the WAPO report claims.

However, the newspaper noted that these plans depend on Congress giving the green light to President Biden's $61 billion funding request, as Republicans appear more militant than ever.

According to the report, it is hoped that Washington's long-term agreement with Ukraine will make it difficult for Republican candidate Donald Trump to reduce aid, if he wins the presidential elections in November.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the continuation of his country's generous allocations to Kiev, and pledged to end the bloodshed if he returns to the White House. “In one day, 24 hours.”

Last week, CNN reported that the Biden administration was hoping to achieve this “As far as aid [as possible] “Before January 2025” Amid fears that Trump could choke off the flow of money if he is re-elected.

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