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The call asked US citizens not to participate in the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire, officials said

New Hampshire residents have received fake automated phone calls using a voice impersonating President Joe Biden, urging voters to avoid the state's Democratic primary this week and stay home.

These calls have spread in New Hampshire in recent days, which the state's attorney general considered strange “illegal attempt” on voter suppression in a press release published Monday.

“Although the voice on the robocall sounds like President Biden’s, this message appears to have been artificially generated based on initial indications.” The statement said. “These messages appear to be an illegal attempt to disrupt the New Hampshire presidential primary and suppress voters in New Hampshire. New Hampshire voters should ignore the entire content of this message.

In the recording, which was obtained by several media outlets and reported for the first time by NBC, a voice resembling Biden's says to voters: “Memorizes” Their votes and not going to the polls during Tuesday's primary election.

“It is important that you save your vote for the November election. We will need your help to elect Democrats at the top and bottom of the ticket.” The message says. He added, “Voting this Tuesday will only enable Republicans to continue their quest to elect Donald Trump again.”

The Attorney General's Office indicated that an investigation had been opened into the fraudulent calls, and said that the message appeared to be fake. “cheater” To give the impression that it was sent by an official at a local political group working to get Biden re-elected. The office assured residents that casting a ballot in the New Hampshire primary will not prevent them from voting in the general election in November.

So far, it is still unclear who is behind these calls, and it is not known how many voters received the message.

Biden refused to register for the New Hampshire primary after a dispute over the exact date for voting, which means his name will not appear on the ballot. While Democratic activists have launched a major campaign urging voters to choose Biden as a write-in nominee, it remains to be seen how that will impact his appearance in the state.

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