Wall Street Journal: Israel informs Egypt of plan to control Philadelphia axis

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Israel had notified Egypt that it planned to take military action to control the border. Gaza Strip As far as Egypt is concerned, philadelphia axis.

American newspapers published the news under the headline “Israel is planning a dangerous mission to seize control of Gaza's last border beyond its control.”

She added that Israel's planned military operation would be “militarily complex” due to its border alignment with Egypt and the fact that the area hosts more than one million displaced Palestinians.

The newspaper attributed the news to unnamed Israeli and Egyptian officials, noting that “Israeli officials informed Egypt that they were planning military operations against the border from the Gaza side.”

According to sources, Egypt has assured Israel that it will strengthen the barrier at the border with Gaza and install more surveillance towers and cameras, but will not share recordings with Israel.

Cairo did not give final approval to Tel Aviv for the alleged operation, the newspaper reported.

A few days ago, “Novoi” newspaper reported that Egypt rejected Israel's request to secure the Philadelphia border area between it and the Gaza Strip.

A security delegation led by Major General Ghassan Al-Arian, the Israeli government's coordinator of operations in the Palestinian territories, visited Cairo last Tuesday, Israeli newspapers reported.

The newspaper explained that the purpose of the trip was to discuss security arrangements in the Philadelphia axis.

At the end of December, the Israeli Prime Minister announced Benjamin Netanyahu He expressed a desire to control the Philadelphia border axis between Gaza and Egypt.

Netanyahu said at the time that his country wanted to ensure that Gaza did not pose a threat to it, adding that the Philadelphia axis must be in Israeli hands and controlled and that Israel would not accept any other option.

In 2007, the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) In the Gaza Strip, with the Philadelphia axis under its control, Israel has imposed a suffocating siege on the Gaza Strip, forcing Palestinians to cross the border strip to Egypt to provide themselves with food, drink and basic supplies. As a result, the Egyptian army implemented in Philadelphia Be alert, then retreat to where you were.

The Philadelphia Axis no longer lacks Palestinian residents as it did during Israel's presence in the area. Palestinian houses are located very close to, and in some places completely adjacent to, the border fence, except in areas east of the Rafah crossing and in areas closer to the coast.

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