Washington Post: The “more for more” deal in the Gaza war

The Washington Post stated that the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation) While Israel will bring joy to the families of the women and children initially released, the decision to cease fighting for four days will also have important consequences for Palestinian civilians trapped in the Gaza war who are in desperate need.

The newspaper said the matter could be expanded to include a broader quelling of the conflict/nightmare.

In a column for The Washington Post, David Ignatius explained that the underlying philosophy of the hostage release deal approved by the Israeli government early Wednesday was “more for more,” as the weapon is known to have According to senior Israeli officials, Israel is prepared to extend the truce as long as Hamas hands over more prisoners, but there is no cap on how long Israel can halt operations until all prisoners, including military personnel, are released.

The authors found this solution to be surprisingly practical in mitigating the conflict that began with Hamas’s October 7 attack on Israel (referring to al aqsa floods), six weeks of sustained Israeli bombing, resulting in the deaths of many Palestinian civilians. The agreement was forged through Qatari mediation with Egyptian support and U.S. support, especially because both Israel and Hamas trust the mediators, despite Israel’s criticism of Doha.


The fighting disrupted talks that were set up two days before Israel began a ground attack on Israel. Gaza StripHowever, the most difficult question is who actually controls the Israeli prisoners, especially since Hamas does not have immediate access to more than 50 prisoners, while the rest are held by other factions, such as the Islamic Jihad movement, or individual families, and therefore released They will be more difficult. It’s difficult, the author says, but Hamas is motivated.

Ignatius concluded that the truce would mitigate the growing international criticism of Israel, which has begun to undermine Israel’s interests, and perhaps allow Hamas to regroup, but Israel has not given up on destroying Hamas. Sri Lanka’s desire for political power in Gaza.

In response, Ignatius quoted a senior Israeli official as saying, “We cannot allow Hamas to come out of the tunnels, declare victory, and take control of #Gaza.”

Switzerland and France plan to take measures against Hamas

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