Watch inside Disney World during Hurricane Adalia

Hurricane Adalia made landfall on Florida’s west coast as a Category 3 hurricane.

Cinderella Castle

Different counties within Orlando were subjected to different weather warnings, watches, and alerts as the outer bands of Idalia made their way through the area (News 6 Orlando). The theme parks at Disney World remain open (although some experiences at the resort are closed). So, what does Disney World look like now? lets take alook.

As of 9:30 a.m. on August 30, the Magic Kingdom was completely empty. There weren’t many people around as we walked around the park.


When we got to Main Street, USA, there were a few people, however Much less than what you usually see.

Main Street, USA

Here’s a look down Main Street.

The Starbucks on Main Street USA was almost empty.


Wait times were pretty lowand there were temporary closures on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, Space Mountain and Astro Orbiter (at the time we checked).

Even later in the day, wait times remained low. The longest line at 4:35 PM ET was the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at 85 minutes.


Our friend Peter Pan was wandering around and braving the weather.

Stay dry, Peter!

We also saw a Country Bear friend outside.


The Prince Eric Village Market was closed during our visit (as well as the Morris popping machine). But we noticed many other stalls were open or opened later in the day.

During one part of the day, we noticed a large number of… Foreign flights are temporarily closedmost likely due to some potentially inclement weather heading into the area.


At EPCOT, the crowds weren’t that bad. We saw a small crowd of people entering the park…

Not many people

…But those crowds quickly dispersed as soon as we entered.


the Flights were posting very low wait times, and Starbucks had a very short waiting line.

Starbucks line

Other things we noticed during our day were:

  • the The parking lot was relatively emptyalthough it did start to get busier later in the day
  • the The Magic Kingdom theatrical show has been cancelled during our time there
  • some Carriages and outdoor awnings near outdoor seating have been closed
  • EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival Pavilion had space The opening was delayed (We specifically saw that the booth in the China Pavilion had a late opening)
  • There were booths designated for the Food and Wine Festival Check people at the counter instead of in the small booths that were more susceptible to external factors
  • several Outdoor recreation options are not offered at EPCOT (except we saw that JAMmitors are available)
  • Entertainment shows have been moved indoors At Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Wish 2 News reported Orange County and Osceola County – the counties within which Disney World is located – were under a hurricane watch until 3 p.m. on August 30. A wind warning was later issued until 7 p.m. A Tropical Storm Warning also remains in effect until 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 30.

In general, the weather in the parks has been rainy and windy, so if you’re visiting today, make sure you pack appropriately and consider wearing a raincoat instead of an umbrella (since that umbrella might be carried away in some strong gusts of wind).

Raincoat for cats and dogs

Our thoughts go out to those seriously affected by the storm as it makes its way across more of North Florida. If you are located in any of these areas affected or expected to be affected, please stay safe and watch the latest weather updates.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest weather and theme park news. Make sure to follow along to be in the loop. Stay safe!

Click here for more details on Hurricane Adalia

Are you at Disney World now? Let us know in the comments.

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