WHO cancels sixth aid mission to Gaza over security concerns Health News

Cancel global health organization Another medical aid mission for the department Gaza It was originally scheduled for Wednesday due to safety concerns.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the canceled mission was the sixth to northern Gaza that the organization had canceled due to a failure to obtain approval for a visit request and failure to provide security assurances since the previous visit. The last visit was on December 26th.

“Intensive bombing, movement restrictions, fuel shortages and communication disruptions have prevented the World Health Organization and our partners from reaching those in need… We call on Israel to Approving requests for humanitarian assistance from the World Health Organization and other partners.”

The Gaza Strip Ministry of Health announced today Wednesday that the death toll from Israel's aggression in the Gaza Strip since October 7 has risen to 23,357, and the number of injured has risen to 59,410.

The ministry said in a statement that Israeli occupying forces had carried out 14 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours, killing 147 Palestinians and injuring 243 others.

She pointed out that this statistic includes those who arrived at the hospital, while other victims remained under the rubble and on the road, unable to be reached by ambulances and civil defense personnel.

Since October 7, the Israeli occupying forces have launched a bloody invasion of Gaza, violating civilians and their homes, destroying large areas of the Gaza Strip, and displacing 90% of Gaza's population.

source : Al Jazeera + Reuters + Qatar News Agency (QNA)

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