Why did Simon Cowell try treatment after years of depression?


August 31, 2023 | 10:16 a.m

Simon Cowell was ’embarrassed’ about trying therapy after years of struggling with depression.WireImage

Simon Cowell struggled with the idea of ​​therapy, but it ultimately had a “very positive effect” on his struggle with depression.

“I made the appointment, and I sat down, feeling so embarrassed, and said, ‘Look, I don’t know where to start,'” the America’s Got Talent creator and judge remembers, laughing. Wednesday’s episode of The Mirror’s “Men in Mind” podcast.

Coyle, 63, explained that he had to train his mind to look at therapy like “going to the gym,” and once he got into that routine, he understood it.

“Within about 20 minutes, it was as if I had known (my therapist) 10 or 20 years ago. He put me at ease so much. And you realize you’re talking to a professional, and they don’t judge you, they listen to you.

The former “American Idol” judge admitted he initially had an old “don’t cry, be a man” mentality and thought therapy was only for people who had “been through something very painful”, but he soon discovered that asking for help was “not my thing”. You are ashamed of him.”

“Within about 20 minutes, it was like I had known[my therapist]for 10 or 20 years,” Coyle said.
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Judge “AGT” has become “petrified” from infection with the Corona virus.
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He noted, “We are not all made of steel, and there will be times in our lives when we just need someone to talk to.”

Coyle began his treatment after the coronavirus “petrified” him and worsened his depression.

“I’ve struggled with depression over the years…but this was just something I just thought, ‘Okay, that’s my personality trait.'” “You went down, and it’s something you’re dealing with.

Coyle said he also feared his son and fiancée might become ill.

However, the pandemic became the music executive’s “real trigger” when he became concerned at seeing many friends who were “really ill”.

“So, I thought, Oh my God, if I realize this, maybe the same thing will happen to me, to Eric and Lauren,” he recalls, referring to his 9-year-old son and longtime fiancée, Lauren Silverman. “I didn’t know what was right or not. I had no idea except that I was afraid to catch it. Just petrified.”

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After being quarantined for most of 2020, Cowell struggled to return to the “real world”.

“And then luckily I met some friends who had benefited from therapy, and that’s when I thought, ‘You know what?’ I’ve taken good care of my body through diet and exercise over the years, but what have I done to my mind and brain?

The music executive has begun seeing a therapist while adjusting to a post-coronavirus world.
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“I wish I had done that 10 or 20 years ago,” he admitted.
Trey Patton/NBC via Getty Images

The TV personality has since become an advocate for the treatment and tells others how it “has had such a super positive impact” on his life.

“I wish I had done that 10 or 20 years ago,” he added. “It’s as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

“If you said to me, ‘Simon, we’re going to sit…in your garden and talk about mental health,’ I would say, ‘Am I losing my mind or something? Things by myself for my mental health in a positive way.

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