600 employees at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport take unpaid leave

After Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport suffered a serious economic blow from the financial crisis, it announced unpaid leave for 600 employees, and another 1,000 employees had their work duties reduced to 75% due to the financial crisis. The war in the Gaza Strip concerns the Israel Airports Authority, the Israel Broadcasting Authority reported on Monday.

The airport authority held talks today with staff from multiple departments at Ben Gurion Airport, where it announced the decision to grant unpaid leave and reduce work for others, the authority said.

She pointed out that Ben Gurion Airport has a workforce of 4,600 employees, but after these decisions only about 3,000 employees will remain, with about a thousand employees having their jobs reduced to partial work.

Global travel demand has fallen significantly since operationsal aqsa floodsled by the Palestinian Resistance Movement Qassam Brigade On October 7 last year, Israel occupied the area Gaza coverAfter the operation, Israel launched continuous artillery bombardment on the Gaza Strip, which has entered its 73rd day, killing more than 19,000 Palestinians and injuring 52,000.

Most international companies have suspended flights to and from the airport since Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip began on October 7.

Authorities cited the Israel Airports Authority as saying it had so far not put some workers on unpaid leave despite a sharp drop in air traffic in and out of Israel due to the war.

In light of these circumstances and in coordination with labor unions, the Airport Authority has decided to place some employees on unpaid seasonal leave and is working to return international airlines to Israel as soon as possible, according to the Authority.

She pointed out that German airline Lufthansa, which also includes Swiss and Austrian companies, has announced the renewal of flights to and from Israel on January 8, 2024.

The Israel Airports Authority added that other international companies are expected to resume flights to and from Israel and “we hope that the scope of activity in Israel will continue to expand and that we will be able to get workers back to work as soon as possible”. ” Accordingly, the Israel Broadcasting Authority believes that Ben-Gurion International Airport has suffered a severe economic blow.

source : israeli media + anatolian institutions

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