Barcelona cuts ties with Israel

An Al Jazeera reporter reported that the city government barcelona Spain decides to sever all institutional ties with Israel in protest against Israeli aggression GazaShe said her decision would remain in place until “a ceasefire is achieved and the rights of the Palestinian people are guaranteed.”

The resolution approved by the city council on Friday said it condemns all attacks against civilians, as well as “any collective punishment, forced displacement or systematic destruction of homes and civilian infrastructure, as well as the cutting off of energy, water, food and medical supplies to the people of the Gaza Strip. “

According to the resolution, the Catalan capital city government believes that the main obstacles to lasting peace are the occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands and the denial of the rights of the Palestinian people.

This is not the first time Barcelona has severed ties with Israel despite having a friendship agreement with the city tel aviv For 25 years.

Last February, the city’s then-mayor, leftist Ada Colau, announced the suspension of the twinning agreement and wrote to the Israeli prime minister. Benjamin Netanyahu The resolution will remain in effect until Israel ceases its violations of the rights of the Palestinian people and fully implements its obligations under international law.

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