After disbanding the Mossad network…Erdogan: Turkey will not let treason and terrorism go unpunished News

Turkish President confirms Recep Tayyip ErdoganToday, Wednesday, his country is committed to punishing those who commit treason and terrorism, commenting on the dismantling of an Israeli spy network by Turkish intelligence services a few days ago, stressing that it was a “first step”.

Speaking at an event commemorating the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Intelligence Service in the capital Ankara, Erdogan said Ankara “may delay, but it will not allow acts of treason and terrorism not to occur.” Accountability,” as he puts it.

“Everyone accepts the fact that Turkey is strengthening its position as an influential force and game-maker on the global chessboard day by day,” he added.

He pointed out that Turkish intelligence services, with their extensive network of intelligence sources and advanced technical capabilities, do not allow “terrorists” to breathe.

Erdogan said: “We have cultivated so-called organizational leadership cadres Kurdistan Workers Party (listed as terrorists in Turkey) are unable to leave their hideouts due to our specific intelligence operations in Syria and Iraq. “

He noted Turkey's determination to continue hunting followers of Gulen's group, which Ankara labels “terrorists” and accuses it of being responsible for the killing of 253 citizens on the night of the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016. He noted that the Turkish state will continue to pursue “terrorists” whether they are at home or abroad.

Turkey releases new details of Israeli Mossad work on its soil
Turkey arrests 34 suspects on charges of “international espionage” for Mossad (social networking site)

Mossad Network

The Turkish president stressed that Turkey is updating national security priorities and reassessing threat classifications based on the changing situation.

He continued that in addition to combating terrorism and foreign espionage, Turkish intelligence services also began monitoring new threats such as irregular migration, extremism, organized crime and Islamophobia.

He also noted that Turkish intelligence had recently dismantled Israel's spy network there, providing a “very clear response” to those who threaten the country.

Commenting on the foiled espionage operation in Turkey on behalf of Israel, Erdogan said: “Wait, this is the first step, you will really understand Turkey,” as he put it.

On January 5, the Istanbul Prosecutor's Office in Turkey arrested 34 suspects for engaging in “international espionage” activities on behalf of the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service and handed them over to judicial authorities.MossadFor foreign citizens residing in Turkey for humanitarian reasons.

“We realize that Turkey's candid and conscious stance on regional crises, especially on the massacre in Gaza, has undermined the plans of some people,” Erdogan added, as he said without specifying The meaning of his words.

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