Turkey..New details on Palestinian programmer case and imprisonment of two Mossad “agents” | News

Turkish judicial authorities have ordered the detention of two people suspected of spying for Israel over communications with a Palestinian software engineer living in Turkey. It is believed that the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Service (Mossad) attempted to kidnap him during his visit to Malaysia last year.

On October 7 last year, Riad Ghazal was arrested at Istanbul Airport on suspicion of “military and political espionage”, and a detention order was issued against another person named “FH” pending investigation . Within the framework of the same investigation into Mossad espionage accusations.

An investigation by the Terrorism and Organized Crime Office of the Istanbul Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday revealed that Ghazal worked for a company linked to Mossad and submitted a document to the Palestinians, the Anatolia news agency reported. Job offer. Software Engineer Omar A.

The investigation report said the two suspects came to Istanbul to meet Omar to discuss job opportunities and transfer money to his bank account in exchange for a project he was preparing.

Investigators said Israeli intelligence agencies often held meetings in this manner and collected information through the companies.

Turkish media, led by Sabah newspaper, which has close ties to the Turkish government, on Wednesday spoke of the important role played by Turkey’s intelligence agency MIT in thwarting Mossad’s attempt to kidnap a Palestinian software engineer – who is believed to have committed the crime. Hacking. .. iron dome and last year’s destruction from Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

The incident came to light in October 2022, when Israeli Mossad agents kidnapped software engineer Omar in Kuala Lumpur with the intention of transporting him to Tel Aviv for investigation, the Islamic resistance’s military wing announced at the time (agitation) about the movement having a cyber unit that secretly opposes the Israeli occupation.

According to the Sabah newspaper, citing intelligence sources, Omar successfully penetrated the Israeli Iron Dome operating system between 2015 and 2016 and allowed Palestinian resistance missiles to reach their targets without apparent opposition.

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