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A cargo ship struck the supports of a bridge over the Arkansas River less than a week after the fatal accident in Baltimore

The Oklahoma State Patrol closed all traffic off the South Sallisaw Interstate after a barge struck a bridge over the Arkansas River on Saturday.

Law enforcement is diverting traffic away from the area until inspections of the bridge can be conducted, the Oklahoma State Patrol reported. books On X (formerly Twitter). There were no reports of injuries on the highway or the barge, according to the Associated Press, State Patrol spokeswoman Sarah Stewart said.

It was not immediately known what led to the collision. The video circulated on the X website shows the moment the barge collided with the bridge supports.

The accident comes less than a week after the cargo ship MV Dali collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Maryland and collapsed completely, killing 6 people. The huge cargo ship collided with the supports of the 2.6-kilometre-long bridge in the early hours of Tuesday morning, causing the entire structure to collapse into the river, sending vehicles and people falling along with them.

Removal of the bridge debris weighing down the MV Dali is currently underway processing. With freight truck and bridge debris blocking the road, the coastal city of Baltimore is unable to resume marine traffic, a major industry in the region. Crews worked to cut parts of the metal bridge, with the first part of the structure being lifted on Saturday.

By some estimates, the repair bill could ultimately reach more than $1 billion if an entirely new bridge is needed, the Washington Post reported. books Thursday.

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